Public and International Affairs


Students are advised to begin thinking about career paths by their second year so that during their education at UNCW a package of majors, minors, other course work, job experiences, internships, and study abroad experiences can be designed.


The UNCW Career Center is a comprehensive career counseling and resource center dedicated to empowering students and alumni as active participants in their own career development. Please contact the PIA liason at the career center Sarah Crockett by phone (910) 962-3174 or by e-mail for career assistance (e.g. job search, internship search, writing resume and cover letter, interview skills, etc.).

What to do with a major in Political Science: Check the APSA web site for some suggestions.

North Carolina State and Local Government

International Organizations

Federal Government


Legislative Branch

Executive Branch

Judicial Branch

Independent Agencies

Intelligence Agencies

Law Enforcement

Service Opportunities

U.S. Armed Forces


The following books of interest to Political Science majors have been ordered for the UNCW library.

  • Meg Busse and Steven Joiner, The Idealist's Guide to Non-Profit Careers for First-time Job Seekers, Hundreds of Heads Books, 2010.
  • William N. Dale, Living Diplomatically: A Life in the US Foreign Service, Hamilton Books, 2008.
  • Shawn Dorman, Inside a U.S. Embassy: How the Foreign Service Works for America, Potomac Books, 2009.
  • Harry Kopp and Charles Gillespie, Career Diplomacy: Life and Work in the U.S. Foreign Service, Georgetown University Press, 2008.