Organizational Chart

Faculty & Staff


Dr. Kleinberg

Raymonde Kleinberg
Department Chair
Professor and Advisor to the Minor in International Affairs
Teaching Areas: Comparative Politics/Developing World, International Relations
Faculty Advisor - International Affairs Minor
Program Coordinator: Master of Conflict Management and Resolution


Assistant Professor of Public Administration
Teaching Areas: Environmental Policy and Politics, Public Administration
Faculty Advisor - Coastal & Ocean Policy
John Brennan
John Brennan
Associate Professor
Teaching Areas: Public Administration, Research Methods
Faculty Advisor- Public Administration Minor

Jeffrey Brudney


Jeffrey Brudney
Betty and Dan Cameron Family Distinguished Professor of Innovation
in the Nonprofit Sector  
Teaching Areas: Public Administration and Nonprofit Administration
Faculty Advisor - Nonprofit Minor  


Nadine Gibson

Assistant Professor

Teaching Areas:  American Politics

Political Behavior,


State Government,




Dan Heist

Assistant Professor

Teaching Areas:

Donor-Advised Funds,

Philanthropy and Public Policy,

Charitable Giving,

Religious Volunteering

Jennifer Horan

Jennifer Horan
Associate Professor
Teaching Areas: Comparative Politics, International Relations,
Latin American Studies

Mark Imperial

Mark Imperial
Associate Professor
Teaching Areas: Environmental Policy, Human Resource Development and Administrative Theory

Aaron King

Aaron King
Associate Professor
Teaching Areas: American Political Institutions (Congress, Political Parties, Presidency) and Research Methods
Faculty Advisor - Pi Sigma Alpha
Faculty Advisor - Political Science Minor  
Coordinator: Undergraduate Program in Political Science

Kirsten Kinzer

Kirsten Kinzer
Assistant Professor
Teaching Areas:Urban Planning Practice, Theory and Law, Quantitative
Research Methods and Research Design GIS

Julie Lane

Julie Lane
Teaching areas: Political Theory, American Government, Public Law
Faculty Advisor - Pre-Law Minor

Stephen Meinhold

Stephen Meinhold
Teaching Areas: American Government and Public Law/Judicial Politics

Anup Phayal

Anup Phayal
Assistant Professor 
Teaching Areas: International Relations, Comparative Politics,
Armed Conflict and Peacebuilding

Christopher Prentice
Christopher Prentice
Associate Professor
Director: Master of Public Administration
Teaching Areas: Public Administration and Nonprofit Management
Pi Alpha Alpha Advisor

Jessica Weinkle

Jessica Weinkle
Assistant Professor
Program Coordinator for Master of Coastal and Ocean Policy
Teaching Areas: Policy Analysis, Science and Technology Policy


Hongyu Zhang
Assistant Professor 
Teaching areas: Comparative Politics, International Relations, East Asian and Chinese Politics, Politics of Weapons of Mass Destruction


Administrative Support

Elizabeth Carter
Conswalia Green


Part-Time Faculty

Florentina Andreescu               
Lawrence Cahoon 
Robert Cutting
Sarah Daniels
Benjamin David
Christopher Dumas
Eric Griffin
Jon (Chris) Hall
Anastasia Kuz-Grady
Angela Ledford
Jacquelyn Lee
Michael Mallin
Autumn McGrimsey
Bruce McKinney
John Murphy
Chardon Murray
Anthony Prinz
Lindsey Roberson
Britt Sheinbaum
Zachary Smith
Rick Spillane
Steve Still
Pamela Struss
Maria Warren
David Weber

Retired Faculty

Earl Sheridan

Former Political Science Department Chair and Professor, Retired

Milan Dluhy Professor, Emeritus
W. Lee Johnston Professor, Emeritus, Retired
Roger C. Lowery

Professor, Emeritus, Retired

Syed Shazad Ahmad Associate Professor, Emeritus, Retired
James C. Dixon Former Political Science Department Chair and Professor, Emeritus
Lloyd P. Jones Associate Professor Emeritus and Former Director of the Survey Research Lab, Retired