Department of Physics and Physical Oceanography

Student Presentations

Page from the physics of surfingOral presentation is a vital component of any physics education and required by specific courses in the curriculum, notably Physics Seminar and Honors Work in Physics.

Physics Seminar (PHY 495) Talks

Links to some student presentations are provided here to illustrate past topics. For further information see Departmental Guidelines for PHY 495.

Quantum Cryptography (Camilo Alvarez, 2005)
Cancer Therapy with Particle Beams (Glenn Shivar, 2005)
Mechanics of Surfing (Mike Grissom, 2006)
Optical Computers (Erin Raphael, 2006)
Relativity and the Global Positioning System (Theresa Rowland, 2006)
Space Weather and its Effects on Spacecraft (Bill Zinicola, 2006)
Gravitational Lensing (Diana Streng, 2006)
Mechanics of Tropical Cyclones (Nicholas Woods, 2006)
El Nino and its Effects on the Galapagos (Letisha McLaughlin, 2007)
Relativity, Laser Interferometry, and the Search for Gravitational Waves
(Colin Kreutzer, 2008)
Beam Test Result for a Prototype PbWO4 Calorimeter (Matthew Reece, 2008)
The Physics in Psychology (Jonathan Flynn, 2009)
From Here to Eternity and Back: Are Traversable Wormholes Possible?
(Mary Margaret McEachern, 2009)

Three Pictures of Quantum Mechanics (Thomas Shafer, 2009)
Advancements in Nuclear Reactor Technology (Kyle Barefoot, 2009)
Physical Background Of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
(Michael McClellan, 2009)

Theremin - The Birth of Electronic Music (John E. Hall, 2009)
A Foxx Upon Thee: Analog Components in Complex Guitar-Signasl Processing (Bryan Black, 2010)

Quantum Computing (Robert Sizemore, 2010)
Molecular Dynamics (Kevin Majewski, 2010)
Predicitng an Artificial Chaotic Time Series Using a Genetic Algorithm (Chelsea Hopkins, 2010)
The PRIMEX Experiment: A Fundamental Test of the ChiralAnomaly Prediction in QCD (Erik Minges, 2010)
An Examination of Holograms and Their Production, (Andrew E. Whitley, 2011)
Cosmic Ray Muons, (Anthony Tatum, 2011)
The Fate of the Universe, (Brian Kay, 2011)
Can Quantum-Mechanical Description of Physical Reality Be Considered Complete? (Joseph Tubergen, 2011)
An analysis of the coastal erosion impact of Salter's Duck on the North Carolina Coast (Christopher O'Connor, 2011)Resonance in the Solar System (Steven Bache, 2012)
Striking a Beat (Ashley Martin, 2012)
Research in Airborne Remote Sensing: Heat Flux in Giant Kelp Forests on the Santa Barbara Coast (Runyon Colie Woods, 2012)
Research and Development of the Low Granularity Pair Spectrometer for Jefferson Laboratory Hall D (Sam Andrews, 2012)

Honors Work in Physics

Here we post recent examples of honor thesis presentations. For further information about doing honors research, see Departmental Honors in Physics. Hard cover honors papers in physics are listed in the Randall Library Catalog (and here).

Improved Modeling of Wave Transformation from Deep to Shallow Water in a Large-scale Coastline Change Model
(Iain Joseph, 2011)
Designing a PER-Based Introductory Physics Lab, (Nick Corak, 2010)
Numerical Simulation of Air Pollution Dynamics due to Point Source Emissions from an Industrial Stack

(Erik Minges, 2010)
Localized Generation of Low Frequency Swash Motion Through Chaotic Swash Front Interactions
( Zachary Williams, 2010)
Collapse and Revival in the Jaynes-Cummings-Paul Model (Thomas Shafer, 2009)
Development of Software for Visualization Correlations Between Proton-Deuteron Scattering Parameters
(Tristan Swartz, 2009)