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All students, faculty, and staff parking on campus must have a parking permit. Permit rates for students, faculty, and staff are listed below. For more information on parking permit zones, please visit Zones and Maps. Parking permits are non-transferable.

  • UNCW assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to the vehicle or its contents. Cars are parked at the owner’s risk. 

Parking Permit Quick Links:

Student Parking Permit Rates

Unless otherwise noted, the rates listed below are for the academic year. For more information on parking permit zones, please visit Zones and Maps.

Attention: Parking Permit Registration for 2022-23 will open on April 1, 2022 in MySeaport.


*You must be registered for classes in order to register for a 2022-23 parking permit. 

Student Parking Permit Type

Academic Year 2021 - 2022 & Academic Year 2022 - 2023

(BOTH Fall & Spring Semesters)


Options for online registration
East Deck - premium option
Central Deck - premium option
Zone 1 - premium option
Zone 2 - premium option
Zone 3 - Park and Ride College
Night / Weekend
Resident Deck
Other Student Parking Options
Summer 2022 Standard Permit (10 weeks)
Covers both summer sessions
Summer 2022 Deck Permit
Administrative Fee 
(refunded permits)

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Faculty/Staff and Service Vehicle Parking Permit Rates

Unless otherwise noted, the rates listed below are for the academic year. The annual registration rate (less $15 administrative fee) is refundable in accordance with the schedule in the Parking Permit Refund Policy

Faculty/Staff Salary Based Rates
August 2021 - July 2022

Up to/including $29,000

$29,001 to $43,000
$43,001 to $67,000
$67,001 to $93,000
$93,001 to $119,000
$119,001 and greater
$228 - $744
Permits Purchased Through University Departments
Service Vehicles
Service Vehicle Supplemental Hanger (for personal vehicles)

Permanent faculty/staff may use payroll deduction.

*Reserved Spaces - Employees who receive reserved spaces (i.e. deans or vice-chancellors, etc.) on an available basis, pay an extra premium for reserved parking.

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Other Parking Permit Options

Other Parking Registration Options -

Available for Purchase In Office Only


(2021 - 2022 and 2022 - 2023)

Virtual permits may be purchased by those listed below:

Non-campus based vendors


Campus-based contract employees


Campus-based contract management


Dual Enrolled


Isaac Bear Students


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Parking Permit Upgrade/Change Request

Parking permit upgrades are not guaranteed. All permit upgrades will be issued based on availability and the date/time of the submission form.

To be considered for a parking permit upgrade/change:

We will contact students via their UNCW email address if a parking permit upgrade/change becomes available. (Please note: An additional cost could be associated with upgrading your parking permit, depending on the requested zone)
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Parking Permit Refund Policy

To obtain a refund, contact parking@uncw.edu. The special summer school registration rate is not refundable. The annual registration rate (less $15 Administrative Fee) is refundable in accordance with the following schedule:

Date Refundable Registration Rate
Until August 31 Full Refund (less $15 Administrative Fee)
September 1 - September 30 90% of Rate (less $15 Administrative Fee)
October 1 - October 31 80% of Rate (less $15 Administrative Fee)
November 1 - November 30 70% of Rate (less $15 Administrative Fee)
December 1 - December 31 60% of Rate (less $15 Administrative Fee)
January 1 - January 31 50% of Rate (less $15 Administrative Fee)
February 1 - February 28 40% of Rate (less $15 Administrative Fee)
March 1 - March 31 30% of Rate (less $15 Administrative Fee)
After March 31 No Refund

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Temporary Parking Permits

Students, faculty, and staff may obtain a temporary permit to park a vehicle on campus. Active permit holders are not entitled to obtain a temporary permit if the vehicle associated with the original permit is also parked on campus. Temporary permits do not allow gated lot or parking deck access. Temporary permits are non-refundable.

Temporary Permits Rate

Faculty and Staff

  • Register for permit online in the parking portal
  • Temporary permits (day or week) do not allow access to gated lots

$5/day or



  • Students may purchase a temporary parking permit for Park & Ride College lot only (see map).

$5/day or



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