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Parking Permits

Parking Permits

All students, faculty and staff parking on campus must have a parking permit. Permit fees for students, faculty and staff are listed below. For more information on parking permit zones, please visit Zones and Maps. Parking permits are non-transferable. All permits expire as designated on the permit.

  • Any vehicle parked on campus requires a permit. A vehicle is defined as any motorized form of transportation that requires insurance and/or a license plate under NC law. 
  • UNCW assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to the vehicle or its contents. Cars are parked at the owner’s risk.

Display of Parking Permits

Student permits must be affixed and clearly visible on the outside bottom left rear windshield or left rear bumper (see Permit Application Instructions PDF). Vehicles without permanent rear windows should display their permit on left rear bumper. Faculty/Staff and multi-vehicle hang style permits must be hung from the rear-view mirror. Permits on motorcycles must be affixed to the fork or displayed in a lockable hanger.

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Parking Permit Quick Links:

Student Parking Permit Fees

Unless otherwise noted, the fees listed below are for the academic year. If a student leaves after one semester, the student must turn in the old permit within 10 days of the new semester. For more information on parking permit zones, please visit Zones and Maps.

Attention: Parking Permit Registration for FALL 2020 - SPRING 2021 will open on June 8 in MySeaport.

Student Parking Permit Type

Academic Year 2020 - 2021

(BOTH Fall & Spring Semesters)


Options for online registration
East Deck - premium option
Central Deck - premium option
Zone 1 - premium option
Zone 2 - premium option
Park and Ride
Night / Weekend
Resident Deck
Other Student Parking Options
(online registration not applicable)
Temporary Registration (per week)
Summer 2020 Standard Permit (10 weeks)
Covers both summer sessions
Summer 2020 Deck Permit
Administrative Fee
(refunded permits)

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Faculty/Staff and Service Vehicle Parking Permit Fees

Unless otherwise noted, the fees listed below are for the academic year. The annual registration fee (less $10 administrative fee) is refundable in accordance with the schedule in the Parking Permit Refund Policy

Faculty/Staff Salary Based Rates
October 2020 - September 2021

Up to/including $29,000

$29,001 to $43,000
$43,001 to $67,000
$67,001 to $93,000
$93,001 to $119,000
$119,001 and greater
* Reserved
$228 - $744
Temporary Registration Fee (per week)
Permits Purchased Through University Departments
Service Vehicles
Service Vehicle Supplemental Hanger (for personal vehicles)

 Faculty/staff may use payroll deduction.

*Reserved Spaces - Employees who receive reserved spaces, on an available basis (i.e., deans or vice chancellors, etc.) pay an extra premium for reserved parking.

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Other Parking Permit Options

Other Parking Registration Options


(2020 - 2021)

Temporary (green) hanger permits may be purchased by those listed below:

Non-campus based vendors


Campus-based contract employees


Campus-based contract management


Dual Enrolled


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Parking Permit Upgrade/Change Request

Parking permit upgrades are not guaranteed. All permit upgrades will be issued based on availability and the date/time of the submission form.

To be considered for a parking permit upgrade/change:

  • Complete the parking permit upgrade/change request form (click here!) 
    • (Complete form only once, as upgrades/changes will be considered based on the date of submission)
We will contact students via their UNCW email address if a parking permit upgrade/change becomes available. (Please note: An additional cost could be associated with upgrading your parking permit, depending on the requested zone)
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Parking Permit Refund Policy

To obtain a refund, parking permits MUST be returned to the Parking Administration Office. The special summer school registration fee is not refundable. The annual registration fee (less $10 Administrative Fee) is refundable in accordance with the following schedule:

Date Refundable Registration Fee
Before October 1 Full Refund (less $10 Administrative Fee
Between October 1 and March 1 50% of Fee (less $10 Administrative Fee)
After March 1 No Refund

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Temporary Parking Permits

Students, faculty, staff or visitors may obtain a temporary permit to operate a vehicle on campus. Temporary parking permits are hung from the rear view mirror. If you do not have a rear view mirror, the permit should be placed on a dashboard. Permit holders are not entitled to obtain a temporary permit if the vehicle displaying the original permit is parked on campus.

Temporary Permits Cost
I DO NOT have a vehicle registered on campus

$5/day or


I have a vehicle registered on campus No Charge

Undergraduate students may buy a temporary parking decal for $10 a week, if space is available, only if they live outside the one-mile radius of UNCW. Students are not allowed to obtain temporary permits for a vehicle, unless the student, spouse, parent or legal guardian owns the vehicle. A valid registration document must be presented to obtain a temporary parking permit.

Temporary employees may receive a free temporary permit for one (1) month from the date of employment. If employment is longer than one (1) month, the temporary employee must purchase a temporary permit for $10 a week, or purchase a permit at the listed staff rate.

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Replacement of Permits

  • If a permit is defaced or removed, the registrant is responsible for replacing the permit.
  • Stolen permits must be reported to UNCW Police immediately. A police report is required to obtain a replacement permit. Replacements will be issued at Parking & Transportation Services during normal business hours.
  • Lost permits may be replaced with an affidavit of loss.
  • If your car is in an accident, you can get a new permit at no extra charge. You must turn in the old permit from the wrecked car. If you do not have the old permit, you must present the current registration for the vehicle or bill of sale for the new car.
  • If you have a change in any vehicle information (such as license plate number, license plate state, vehicle make, vehicle model, vehicle color, insurance name and/or policy number), contact Parking & Transportation Services immediately to update your vehicle/license plate information or to obtain a replacement permit. Current vehicle information is required and may result in a citation if it is not accurate.
  • Parking permits must be removed from registered vehicles and returned to the Parking & Transportation Services for the following reasons:
    • Change in vehicle owners
    • Change of student status changing the parking assignment
    • Refund

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