UNCW Parking

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Event Parking 

Events, both on and off campus, such as meetings, conferences, seminars, and camps play an important role in the achievement of the university's mission. 

Requests for Event Parking

University departments and organizations are advised to make parking arrangements with Parking & Transportation Services well in advance of their special events because parking on the requested date may be limited due to space availability, other events at the same time, construction, etc. When multiple events are scheduled on the same date, priority is given to the event that finalizes arrangements with Parking & Transportation Services first.

  • To obtain the best possible parking for event guests and participants, please submit the Event Parking Request a minimum of one week prior to the event.
    • For UNCW registered student organizations, departments, or faculty/staff members please log in to the Campus Reservations System, select Create a Reservation and Event Parking Request.
    • For external organizations please contact parkingevents@uncw.edu

Additional visitor parking spaces may be designated for events. When attending an event on campus, please park in the area designated by the event information. If the event information does not designate a preferred parking area, please park in the visitor lot. For parking lot locations, see the campus map. For additional information, see the Visitor Parking webpage.

Event Parking Rates

Unattended Lot Rates

(M-F 7 a.m. - 6 p.m.)
University Events e.g. Graduation

Off Peak
(M-F 6 p.m. - 7 a.m.)

Sat-Sun all day

Lot Spaces: 0-50 (small)

$ 75
$ 50
Lot Spaces: 51-100 (medium)
Lot Spaces: 101-up (large)
Greene Track Lot

Attendant Rates

Minimum Charge

When parking attendants are required or requested, the below rates apply. Generic directional signage is provided at major intersections.

  • Attendant minimum: 1 at 3 hours

  • Plus the unattended lot rates listed above.

$25 per hour
Minimum charge of 3 hours = $75
$21 per hour
Minimum charge of $63 per additional attendant

Additional Assistance

If you have questions or need additional information concerning parking accommodations for athletic events, filming events, or any other special events, please contact parkingevents@uncw.edu 

(Special Event Parking)

UNCW 14-Passenger Bus Rental (Program Ended Dec. 31)

The 14-passenger bus rental service through parking and transportation ended on December 31, 2022. 

Campus Departments, employees, or students needing transportation for university business travel should use Chrome River Travel. For questions about options, see Chrome River Travel or email travel@uncw.edu