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Received a moving or parking violation? Pay or appeal in the Parking Portal. Students, faculty, and staff should select the affiliated login, while visitors and guests should select the guest login or create an account.

Students, Faculty, Staff, and Visitors must pay or appeal a moving violation or parking citation within ten (10) calendar days of the citation issue date. See below for procedures:

Types of Violations

Accessible Parking: Vehicle is parked in a reserved accessible space without valid credentials (visitor, or faculty, staff or student)

Bicycle Violation: Bicycle improperly stored or bicycle moving violation

Boot Warning: (Immobilization to follow) Issued with 5th citation during an academic year - warning that vehicle is eligible for a boot with the next violation

Boot: (Administration fee) Issued with 6th citation during an academic year or if found with an altered/stolen/lost permit, hanger, or ParkMobile receipt - vehicle is immobilized with a boot

Displaying Lost, Stolen or Unauthorized University Permit: Displayed permit reported as lost or stolen, or permit has been duplicated, forged, or altered

False Registration of Vehicle:  Parking permit or vehicle license plate does not match the vehicle

Fire Lane: Vehicle is parked in a designated fire lane

Improper Display of Permit: Permit is not displayed as required by the University

Loading Zone: Vehicle is parked in a designated loading zone

Motorcycle Parking: Vehicle parked in a motorcycle space or designated area

Moving Violation: Violation of a traffic law (issued by University Police)

No Permit: Vehicle is on UNCW property without a valid permit

No License Tag/Plate/Obscuring VIN Number: Vehicle does not have a license plate and/or the VIN number is obscured

Non-Parking Area: Vehicle is parked in an area not designated for parking

Obstructing Traffic: Vehicle is blocking or disrupting traffic

Parking Out of Zone or Faculty/Staff: Vehicle is displaying permit that is only valid in a different parking area

Queue Parking: Vehicle is waiting in a traffic area for a parking space to become vacant

Reserved Parking: Vehicle is parked in a space that is reserved for an individual or department

Restricted 7 a.m. - 5 p.m.: Vehicle displays a Night/Weekend Permit and is parked between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Restricted Lot or Zone: Vehicle is parked in an area designated for a special use (i.e. an event)

Service Vehicle Only: Vehicle is parked in a space designated for a service vehicle

Skateboard: Moving violation (issued by University Police only)

Time Limit Exceeded/ParkMobile: Vehicle has been parked for longer than the posted/purchased time limit

Tow Away Zone: Vehicle is parked in an area designated as a tow-away zone

Visitor Parking: Vehicle is parked in a designated visitor space or area

Parking Citation/Moving Violation Appeal Process

Persons wishing to appeal a parking citation should initiate an appeal within the UNCW Parking Portal. All appeals must be initiated within ten (10) calendar days of the citation issue date.

Front of parking ticketParking or traffic citation appeals will NOT be considered for the following reasons:

  • Fire lane violation
  • Not knowing or lack of knowledge of Parking Regulations
  • Inability to find a proper convenient parking space
  • Other vehicles were improperly parked
  • Late to class or appointment
  • Financial hardship caused by the fine
  • Someone else driving your car

Persons filing an appeal for reasons (i.e. disabled vehicle or temporary medical problem) other than those listed above may complete the process.Sample of violation notice - parking ordinance

Complete the appeal in as much detail as possible adding any supporting documentation (i.e. repair bill, doctor's note, police report, etc.).

The Parking Appeals Committee will review policies and documentation associated with the violation and consider any circumstances you describe. ALL DECISIONS OF THE PARKING APPEALS COMMITTEE ARE FINAL.

Appellants will be notified via email of the Parking Appeals Committee's decision. Those appeals denied must be paid in the Parking Portal within ten (10) days of the letter's mailing date.

In accordance with North Carolina General Statute 147-86.23, the university is required to collect and will charge additional fees and interest on any past due amounts. For more information on penalties and interest see: https://uncw.edu/accountsrec/uncwpoliciesprocedures.html

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