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"One way to show Seahawks care is to swipe and share."

Did you know that in a recent survey, 5.5% of UNCW students who were food insecure indicated that they would benefit from having access to meals on campus? The goal of “Swipes for Seahawks” is to provide UNCW students who are food insecure access to healthy and well-balanced meals in our campus dining halls.  You can make a difference TODAY by donating one guest meal to a fellow Seahawk in need!

**Must have Hawk Gold, Hawk Silver, Hawk Bronze, Block 125 or Block 85 meal plan to donate
UNCW students experiencing food insecurity will be eligible to apply for meal swipe assistance. You must be currently enrolled and can apply by completing the on-line application, and the Case Manager in the Office of the Office of the Dean of Students will follow-up via email once the application has been reviewed.  Once approved, meals will be added to your OneCard for immediate use.

**Swipe assistance is only available during the fall and spring terms.  Hawk’s Harvest Student Food Pantry is open year round, and you can also reach out to the Office of the Office of the Dean of Students to inquire about other resources that may be available.  

Check out Hawk’s Harvest – UNCW’s Student Food Pantry.  It is another great resource for students experiencing food insecurity, and they are always in need of donations!