Inclement Weather Policy

Due to the unique locations of the UNCW@Onslow Extension Site, the inclement weather policy varies by campus. If severe weather conditions are predicted, please watch for critical updates. Cancellations and delays may vary by class location. Listed below are the policies for each of our locations.

CCCC/UNCW Extension Policy

The UNCW@Onslow Extension Site follows the Inclement Weather Policy for Coastal Carolina Community College. If classes are cancelled/delayed at CCCC, all UNCW Onslow Extension classes (including base) are canceled/delayed as well. Students should stay tuned to local radio and television stations or check the CCCC website at:
http://www.coastalcarolina.edu/security-parking/adverse-weather-policy/ (external link)

Please call the CCCC campus switchboard at 910.455.1221 for announcements.

UNCW Wilmington Campus/UNCW Extension Policy

The UNCW@Onslow Extension Site also adheres to the Inclement Weather Policy for the main campus. If classes are canceled/delayed at the main campus in Wilmington, all UNCW@Onslow Extension classes (including base) are canceled/delayed as well, even if Coastal Carolina Community College holds classes. Students should check the main campus website at: https://www.uncw.edu/index.html or UNCW Alert.

Please call the UNCW@Onslow Extension Site main office at 910.455.2310 for announcements.

Camp Lejeune/UNCW Extension Policy

The UNCW@Onslow Extension Site located aboard MCB Camp Lejeune has yet another Inclement Weather Policy to follow. In the unlikely occurrence the main campus in Wilmington and CCCC are holding classes, but the base has been closed to all non-essential personnel, all UNCW classes held on base will be canceled until the base is reopened. This is the only time we would hold UNCW classes at CCCC but cancel classes on base. Information can be found on the Official Website for MCB Camp Lejeune at: http://www.lejeune.marines.mil/ (external link)

Please call the Base Emergency Hotline at 910.451.1717 for announcements.

UNCW Onslow Extension Site

The UNCW@Onslow Extension Site must follow the policies of the UNCW Wilmington campus AND Coastal Carolina Community College when it comes to inclement weather (storms, ice, snow, etc.); this does not include holiday/break closings.

" As always, please use your best judgment. If you are traveling from an area that has been hit more severely than your classroom location, stay home."