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UNCW@Onslow students come from a wide range of backgrounds. Each student has a unique story, whether one is active duty military, a military spouse, a local resident, young or old, each has the opportunity to achieve the same quality education as their counterparts at the Wilmington campus.

The faculty and staff are dedicated to providing students with the inspiration and tools that will encourage value in lifelong learning. We are committed to empowering students to build better lives for themselves, their families, and their communities through the many opportunities available with UNCW.

Directions, Location, Maps, Parking, and Pass Information

The UNCW@Onslow offices are located at MCB Camp Lejeune, Coastal Carolina Community Collage, and New River Air Station. Information regarding directions, locations, maps, and parking pass information may be found in the About page.

Financial Aid Resources

Detailed information on Financial Aid is available through UNCW's Office of Scholarship and Financial Aid website.
The Financial Aid website will provide you with Frequently Asked Questions and valuable information to assist you in applying for financial aid.

Scholarship Information

Thank you for your interest in scholarships at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. Start your scholarship application now!

Below you can find more information on scholarships by school and other resources.

Scholarships are a financial resource for students that do not have to be repaid. Scholarships may be awarded to a student through an application process, but some students are selected solely on university records with no application. Scholarships may be offered from a variety of different sources including the university's many departments, outside agencies, and state agencies.

If applying for a scholarship requiring financial need, the student must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid by March 1st, each year to be considered, as well as meet the academic requirements.

Transient Study

Transient Study at a Visiting Institution

Students who wish to attend another college on a temporary basis must request permission for Transient Study. The request form is available in my Seaport. UNCW course equivalents will be determined by the Office of the Registrar and will forwarded to the students academic department for approval. Have the official transcript sent to the UNCW Office of the Registrar after completion of the class. Transient Study information may be found on the following link:

Student Online Resources

More to be found on our Resources page