CLEP Testing at Camp Lejeune


There is no charge for any CLEP exams for active duty military and other eligible personnel. The CLEP fee ($90.00) must be paid online at the CLEP Website PRIOR to the testing appointment. The Registration fee is $28.50 for a total of $118.50 per CLEP test.
Upon payment CLEP will issue a registration number that the candidate must bring to the testing center on the day of the test.

What do I have to do before I take a CLEP test?

Getting set up for a CLEP test is a two-step process. You must complete both steps outlined below.

1. Order CLEP Exam:

  • Order exam through the CLEP College Board
  • Pay exam fee, if required ($90.00). There is no charge for active duty military personnel
  • Active duty - select the "DANTES-Funded Military Personnel" box
  • Print your Registration ticket and bring it on your testing day

2. Registration:

  • Reserve a seat through the "Registration and Payment System"
  • Pay registration fee, if required ($28.50). There is no charge for active duty military personnel
  • Active duty - select the "CLEP - Military Personnel Only" registration tab to schedule a CLEP exam
  • Use your ticket ID from your Registration Ticket above

Where can I get test prep materials for CLEP tests?

See the base library for CLEP Testing material or visit:

What is CLEP?

The College-Level Examination Program® (CLEP) gives you the opportunity to receive college credit for what you already know by earning qualifying scores on any of 34 examinations. Earn credit for knowledge you have acquired through independent study, prior course work, on-the-job training, professional development, cultural pursuits, or internships.

Who can take CLEP Tests at Camp Lejeune?

  • Military personnel (active and reserve) and military retirees
  • Adult family members of military and U.S. Department of Defense employees
  • Other civilians who have base access and those enrolled in the voluntary education program colleges/universities located aboard MCB Camp Lejeune or MCAS New River.
  • The CollegeBoard's Eligibility Requirements

What if I have a disability and need special testing accommodations?

CLEP requires documentation of a disability in order to provide the appropriate test accommodations. Please contact the CLEP test administrator at 910.962.TEST (8378) for specific information PRIOR to scheduling an appointment.

How long and how expensive is a test?

Testing times will vary from semester, for the most current information please see the Testing Page.

CLEP tests are usually 1.5 hours long, and the cost of a CLEP exam is $117.50 per test ($89.00 for the Collegeboard's CLEP fee and $28.50 Registration fee (includes $3.50 convenience fee), a fraction of the tuition and fees for the corresponding course. The test is FREE one time per test for all eligible military personnel. Please contact the UNCW Testing Center located at MCB Camp Lejeune - 910.450.5876 - for further details regarding the cost of the CLEP test and eligibility requirements.

If a student needs an add-on essay to a certain exam, the student will need to request the essay 30 days in advance. For non-military, there is an additional $10 charge for the essay. If the student is active duty, the fee will be waived as long as the student submits his or her name and date of birth when requesting the add-on essay.

Effective 11 December 2010, DANTES will no longer fund active duty/reserve military personnel retesting on previously funded and failed CLEP or DSST exams. As a result, military personnel taking exams after 11 June 2010 who do not receive a passing score will be required to pay (out-of-pocket) for all exam retakes. Personnel failing to pay retest fees will not have their scores transmitted to their respective colleges or military transcripts. Payment for retests must be made upfront prior to retake administrations. See testing fees and information located on exam fliers.

What if I need to retake an exam?

CLEP exams are allowed to be repeated after a 90-day waiting period. Examinees retesting before the 90-day waiting period has elapsed will have their test scores invalidated, be required to wait an additional 90-days, and forfeiting all retesting fees paid.

Which tests can I take?

There are 34 computer-based tests available in five categories: Composition and Literature, Business, History and Social Sciences, Science and Mathematics, and Foreign Languages.

How many college credits will I receive?

It depends on the school you will be attending. Listed on The Collegeboard's website are the various CLEP examinations and required minimum scores. UNCW students may check the CLEP course equivalents for a complete listing of UNCW courses, credit, and required minimum scores.

Where can I take a CLEP Test?

Testing is available at the UNCW National Testing Center aboard MCB Camp Lejeune. The testing center is located in the

John A. Lejeune Education Center
825 Stone Street
Room 121
Camp Lejeune, NC 28547

Eligible personnel (with base access) may schedule a test at Camp Lejeune by calling 910.962. TEST (8378). Non-authorized personnel should access http://www.collegeboard.com/ for the nearest National Testing facility.


For online registrants: at least 24 hours prior to your appointment, you can reschedule at the UNCW's Registration and Payment website (Click on: My Registrations. Enter your email address. Reschedule your appointment).


contact the CLEP administrator:

Henry Wyschka
answering machine: 910.962. TEST (8378)
phone: 910.450.5876
email: onslow@uncw.edu
visit in person:

John A. Lejeune Education Center
825 Stone Street
Room 121
Camp Lejeune, NC 28547