Elementary Education Student Resources

Onslow Extension Education Lab and Tutoring Services

On the Coastal Carolina Community College campus, the UNCW Onslow Extension Site has an developed an Education Lab, designed to be a critical component of the undergraduate Elementary Education program. UNCW students who are studying to become teachers, offer individualized tutoring services in reading and math, to local children. Tutors assess students' learning through formal and informal evaluations, by talking with parents and by requesting information from classroom teachers.

Educating Language Minority Students (ELMS)

To meet the needs of a growing need in Southeastern North Carolina for teaching English as a second language, UNCW and the Watson School of Education offer an English as a Second Language (ESL) add on licensure program. For more information on the 18 credit-hour ESL Add-On license please email us at elms@uncw.edu. Grant information is also available at ELMS Project.