UNCW One Card

Employee Door and Gate Access Privileges

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Student Recreation Center Access

  • All permanent faculty/staff members have access privileges to the Student Recreation Center on their UNCW One Card.
  • If you are a permanent faculty/staff member and your UNCW One Card will not work in the Recreation Center, contact the Auxiliary Services office at 962-3178.
  • For information on purchasing a paid membership to the facility, contact the Student Recreation Center at 962-3261. All family members purchasing a paid membership must obtain a family UNCW One Card in the Auxiliary Services Office at the cost of $20.00.

Parking Gate Access

  • All permanent faculty/staff who have a current parking permit are authorized to use the gated surface parking lots around campus. The gate privilege is on the UNCW One Card.
  • Faculty/staff may park in the parking deck only if they have a valid deck parking permit. Faculty/staff who have purchased a deck parking permit are authorized to use the parking deck as well as any other faculty/staff parking lots.
  • For information concerning parking deck privileges, please see the parking deck info.
  • Report any problems with the parking gates to the Auxiliary Services Office immediately: 962-3178. After verification of both parking permit and employment status, your gate access will be reinstated.

Building & Lab Access

  • Many academic and administrative buildings are equipped with card reader access.
  • Doors in secured areas are controlled 24 hours per day, and doors in other areas are controlled after hours only.
  • All building and lab access must be requested by authorized departmental personnel.
  • If you have questions concerning door access, contact Susie Goodrum, Electronic Access Control Administrator, at 962-3564 or AccessMgmt@uncw.edu