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Bookstore Dollars

"Get your books and supplies while waiting for your financial aid refund (loans, grants and scholarships)!"

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Bookstore Dollars is an optional account on the UNCW One Card implemented to provide students increased flexibility for purchases at the UNCW Bookstore. Bookstore Dollars can be used for any item in the bookstore including clothing items, Starbucks Dub City Brew, textbooks, technology items, and more!

Online purchases for Textbooks and School Supply items only can be completed at www.ShopUNCW.com - Bookstore Dollars cannot be used in the online Apparel & Spirit Shop. (Bookstore Dollars CANNOT be used to purchase gift cards.)

Students may put any amount in increments of $100, up to $700 for each Fall and Spring semester or up to $500 for the Summer I and Summer II sessions combined. (Parents and Students: The amount of Bookstore Dollars is recommended to be the estimated cost of books and supplies for a semester.)

Bookstore Dollars are charged to your Student Account and are applied against any credits you may have including financial aid, loans, and scholarships. Bookstore Dollars roll over from semester to semester and are continually available for use - they do not expire!

Important Information

  • By signing up for Bookstore Dollars, the student accepts responsibility for the charges placed on their Student Account. The charge cannot be removed once it is placed on the Student Account.
  • Bookstore Dollars may only be used at the UNCW Bookstore.
  • It is recommended that financial aid recipients meet with their counselor prior to signing up for the Bookstore Dollars program to ensure they have enough funds to cover their anticipated charges.
  • Bookstore Dollars are governed by the UNCW One Card Bookstore Dollars Terms and Conditions (PDF)
    • (Please review for full details of the account.)

The Bookstore Dollars account offers the following benefits:

  • Get your books earlier. You can use funds at the UNCW Bookstore before the first day of class and before receiving a Financial Aid refund.
  • Book charges can be included on your initial E-Bill. If you sign-up early, you can make just one payment to the university or you can include books in your monthly TealPay plan.

How to Sign-Up for Bookstore Dollars

Students may sign-up for Bookstore dollars until the drop/add date of the current semester.

  1. Log in to MySeaport with your UNCW email address and password.
  2. Select the Students tab at the top of the page.
  3. On the left-hand side under Finance, select the 'Manage Bookstore Dollars' link.
  4. A new webpage will appear. Login if needed. Select the amount you wish to sign-up for from the drop-down menu and select confirm. (Note: The amount of bookstore dollars available is the amount that you are allowed to sign-up for in the current semester. To view previous semester balances, go to the UNCW One Card Online Management Center).
  5. The terms and conditions page will appear. Select confirm if you approve the terms and conditions.

Availability of Funds

New and Returning Participants Adding Additional Funds

Bookstore Dollars are available to use at the time of purchase.

Returning Participants with Existing Funds

The balance is continually available for use until there is no remaining balance or the student leaves the university.