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IT/Cyber Security Training

IT/Cyber Security Training


There are two IT Security training programs for you to complete. Both are accessed through the KnowBe4 online training platform (linked below):

Kevin Mitnick Security Awareness Training

This fully interactive module takes you on a tour of the threat landscape and shows you the most common ways bad guys try to trick you. Three real-world scenarios show you strategies and techniques hackers use to take control of your computer system. Kevin Mitnick then takes you behind the scenes to see how the bad guys do what they do. You’ll learn about the seven areas of an email that can contain red flags that alert you to a possible attack. The Danger Zone exercise will let you apply what you’ve learned when you help Jake Saunders, a typical computer user, steer clear of six real-world social engineering attacks. 

Average Completion Time: 45 minutes

Internet Security When You Work From Home

This training will help you understand the challenges and how to stay safe and secure online while working from home. By the end of the training module, you will understand some common technology problems when preparing to work from home, understand basic necessary steps to take while preparing and securing your home environment for remote work, and know essential best practices to implement for success while working remotely.

Average Completion Time: 15 minutes

How to Complete the Training Programs

Training Platform: KnowBe4

Click the link below to access the KnowBe4 training platform. You will be prompted to enter your full UNCW email address. If needed, login with your UNCW email credentials. This will take you to the Seahawk Secure landing page, which lists the two required courses. Click "Start" to complete the training.

IT Security Training on KnowBe4

Important Reminder

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