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Harassment Prevention Training

Harassment Prevention Training


This mandatory training covers broad issues of harassment prevention & resolution, as well as employee reporting responsibility under the Student Gender-Based Sexual Misconduct Policy. It also reviews current state and federal law on harassment and the university's procedures for reporting possible harassment.

There are two versions of the online training: One for supervisors and one for staff. You ONLY need to complete one of the programs. If you are in a supervisory role, please complete the program for supervisors and managers. If you are NOT in a supervisory role, please complete the program for faculty and staff.  

How to Complete the Training

Training Platform: Skillport CBT
Average Completion Time: 30-45 minutes

To complete the training, participants must complete a short quiz after watching an overview training video. To begin the training, click the appropriate button below. 

Harassment Prevention for Faculty and Staff

Harassment Prevention for Supervisors and Managers

About the Harassment Prevention Training Requirement

Typically, UNCW employees are asked to complete a harassment mini-conference (in-person) within the first year of employment and again online every three years. However, to accommodate for social distancing practices, new employees should complete the online training. Upon our return to campus, new employees will be invited to attend the in-person mini-conference, which allows for application of the concepts covered in the online course!