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Environmental Health & Safety Training

Environmental Health & Safety Training


There are three Environmental Health & Safety training programs for you to complete. All three are accessed through the Vivid Learning online training platform (linked below):

Emergency & Fire Preparedness Overview

This lesson creates awareness about the dangers of fire and other emergencies, provides an overview of the requirements for emergency action and fire prevention plans, and touches on best practices for responding to alarms and practicing preparedness through drills. This lesson does not cover how to prepare for hazardous waste material emergencies or responses such as cleanup.

Hazard Communication Overview

This lesson teaches you to recognize and understand the required elements of your company’s written hazard communication program, including how to: protect yourself from hazardous chemicals used or stored in your workplace using the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS), recognize and respond to label elements, and understand the contents of Safety Data Sheets.

Portable Fire Extinguisher Safety

The goal of this lesson is to help the learner understand the limitations of a fire extinguisher and how to successfully operate one to extinguish a fire. While this lesson will help companies comply with OSHA regulations, the intent of the lesson is to be part of an overall training program and cover the safety procedures and best practices for operating portable fire extinguishers.

Average Completion Time: 15 minutes

How to Complete the Training Programs

Training Platform: Vivid Learning

  1. Login to MySeaport:
  2. Click “Administrative Services” tab at top of page                                                         
  3. Click “UNCW EH&S Vivid Learning Access” under Services tab on right-hand side of page
  4. Click “Acknowledged” on Welcome! screen
  5. The Emergency & Fire Preparedness Overview, Hazard Communication Overview, and Portable Fire Extinguisher Safety should be listed under "Required." Click "Start" to launch course.


Additional Environmental Health & Safety Requirements

Depending on your role at UNCW, you may be required to complete additional EH&S training programs, such as handling hazardous materials or blood-borne pathogens. Talk to your supervisor to find out if you are required to complete additional training!