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Honors Contract Courses

Honors Contract Courses

First, speak with your professor in a 300+ level major course and ask if they are willing to do a contract course. If they are willing, then please fill out this form. 

Completing an honors contract may mean that the student engages in additional reading--such as primary sources--with additional or different types of papers for the class.

For example, the student might add a critique/analysis to a general class paper, or significantly expand the depth and length of a paper that is already part of the classwork. Or the student may learn a particular section of material well enough to make a special presentation to the class.

Other examples include: synthesis of additional compounds and research report (Chemistry); community service focused on the topic of the class (Nursing); create promotional materials (newsletter and calendar); reflective journaling; literature reviews; interview projects; etc.

The idea is to engage the student more deeply in the topic of the class, develop applications, and expect mastery of specific material.

The student must earn ≥ B (3.0) to receive honors-level credit for the course (designated as such on the transcript). The course must be a 300 or 400-level class in the student's major or minor.

Each semester, before the end of add/drop, a student must submit the Honors Contract Course Form.

The student is expected to initiate a discussion with the instructor and independently agree upon a set of assignment(s) for the contract. Then, the student should submit the form, and the instructor will sign off. The "honors-level work" designation will not appear in Seanet or on a student's transcript. 

After the end of grading each semester, the Honors College will contact instructors directly to ask whether students successfully completed their honors-level work and earned a B or better. At that point, Honors will ask the Registrar to substitution waiver the work as Honors. 

Typically, honors contract courses fulfill the "3 extra hours of Honors credit" category of Honors College requirements (see requirement worksheets above) or as a substitute for Honors University Studies requirements. The latter is only applicable in a case where students enter the Honors College with a significant number of University Studies courses already fulfilled by AP and transfer credit.

Each student may complete up to 2 contract courses. Students wishing to take more than 2 contract courses should contact the Honors College Director. 

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