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Student Leadership

Examples of Student Leadership & Engagement at UNCW

Project Team: Nicole Tekulve, Lucy Holman, Susannah Benedetti, Nathan Saunders, Anne Pemberton, Laura Wiegand-McBrayer
Fall 2019, funded through a Pedagogy Initiative Award

The Peer Navigators project developed as a program to transform Randall Library's student worker positions into interns and “peer navigators,” a forward-facing post used to describe the nature of their work with the campus at-large. This will alleviate confusion and inefficiency by combining these two service points, that of students and library faculty/staff, to form one central point of contact for library patrons. 

Project Team: Tiffany Erichsen, Stacey Kolomer, and Hannah Catalano
Fall 2020, funded through a Pedagogy Initiative Award

Two mentorship programs, MentorSW and MentorPBH, connected students in social work and public health to experienced professionals with the primary goal of increasing students’ preparation for the workforce. This project also built relationships between UNCW and local professionals by providing opportunities for engagement. MentorCHHS also provided opportunities for students to participate in interprofessional career preparation workshops, to help mitigate the academic, professional, and social challenges students may encounter when transitioning from the classroom to the workplace.

High Impact Practice Categories

High Impact Practices are a vital part of our university's culture. Learn about the Categories of High Impact Practices and how you can get involved!