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Enterprise Risk Management

Insurance and Loss Control

University and state-owned vehicles are provided coverage through the State of North Carolina Motor Vehicle Insurance program. Coverage is provided by Travelers Insurance Company.

All state-owned (self-propelled) vehicles are required to be insured, at minimum, for motor vehicle liability as part of any motorist's financial responsibility in society and our State.

University departments and colleges have the option to also insure their vehicles for full physical damage coverage (commonly known as the combination of collision and comprehensive coverage). For passenger vans, Medical Payments coverage is also available.

There is a premium charge for physical damage coverage. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding vehicle coverage.

Key important reminders:

  • Report vehicle accidents as soon as possible to your supervisor and by noon of the next business day following the accident. Report facts, do not offer opinions, and avoid assigning blame until any claim investigation is completed.
  • Only persons on the University payroll can drive state-owned vehicles and leased vehicles when in the name of the University. There are important insurance coverage reasons for this.

If you have purchased a new vehicle or received one from another department, please fill out the new vehicle insurance request.

For additional information concerning insurance and loss control, including the below topics, please contact Vann Mitchell at 910.962.3986 or by email.


Acquisition of Newly Required Insurance

  • Application
  • Premiums

General Information

  • Policy Providers
  • Coverage Overviews

Insurance Verifications

  • Automobile
  • Employee Liability
  • Internships
  • General Liability

Policy Renewals

  • Audits
  • Premiums

Certificates of Insurance

Special Programs and Summer Camps

Loss Control

  • Accident Investigation (Automobile, General Liability & Property Damage)
    • Student or Visitor
    • UNCW Employees
    • Contracted Workers
  • Hazard Assessments
    • Slip, Trip and Fall
  • OSHA Reporting


  • Workplace Safety Committee

Wilmington Community At-Large

  • ALS Committee


  • Fireworks
  • General Events
  • General Liability
  • Property Insurance
  • Tents
  • Vehicle Changes