Certificate in Applied Statistics


The Department of Mathematics and Statistics at UNCW offers a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Applied Statistics. If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact our Graduate Coordinator Dr. Indranil Ghosh.

Philosophy of the Program

Modern technology has allowed for the collection and dissemination of vast quantities of information, which has resulted in a parallel increase in the use of statistical techniques in a variety of fields. Leaders in business and industry and public administrators all have the desire to make the most efficient and effective use of the wealth of information available to them. As a direct result, growth of enrollment in graduate programs in statistics and expansion in the hiring of trained statisticians has been steady over the last decade.

The Professional Certification Program in Applied Statistics is intended to help fill the need for qualified personnel trained in the proper use of statistical methodology. The proposed curriculum will allow for a balance between the technical and practical aspects of statistical applications, along with perspectives on reporting results to a variety of potential audiences. The overall objective of the program is to give working professionals the necessary skills to ensure their data-based inferences and decisions are based on sound statistical principles.

The certificate program is designed for:

  • Business and industry professionals and public administrators who have limited training in statistics but deal with data on a regular basis and would like to improve their working knowledge of data analysis, use more sophisticated techniques than those in current practice, and/or use the acquired knowledge to advance their career.
  • Graduate students in other disciplines who perceive the need for statistical knowledge in their future career or are simply interested in a deeper understanding of statistical methodology as it relates to their field.
  • Students who have earned undergraduate degrees in other programs who believe statistical training will give them a competitive advantage in their field.
  • Those who wish to pursue an advanced degree in statistics but would prefer to gain more experience before proceeding.
  • Secondary school teachers who would like to be more adequately prepared to discuss statistical techniques in their courses.