LGBTQIA Resource Office

Safe Zone

UNCW's Safe Zone is a training program designed to help campus allies foster an atmosphere of support and safety for UNCW's lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning population, including students, faculty and staff. The mission of Safe Zone is to identify, educate and support allies. This will allow allies and UNCW to: provide a comfortable environment for all members of the UNCW community, to encourage an atmosphere free of homophobia and heterosexism and to support the LGBTQI community. Our purpose is to provide a setting of appreciation, affirmation, and information for and about the LBGTQI community.

Become an Ally

Anti-LGBTQI bias and prejudice affects all students and it is therefore everyone's collective responsibility to work against it. While there are many out and empowered LGBTQI students who are more than capable of standing up for their own rights, straight allies have a special role to play in Safe Zone programs. A straight ally is any non-LGBTQI person who supports and stands up for the rights of LGBTQI people. It is important for straight allies to demonstrate that LGBTQI individuals are not alone as they work to improve school climate, and to take a stand in places where it may not be safe for them to be out or visible. It is also critical for straight people to show that fighting for LGBTQI rights is not a "gay thing," but a human rights issue about which all people should be concerned. Safe Zone Dates:

Fall Safe Zone Dates:

Faculty/Staff: October 16, 9am-12pm McNeill 1051 REGISTER

Student: November 13, 5pm-8pm McNeill 1051 REGISTER

Request a Safe Zone Training

Would you like to request a Safe Zone Training for your group?  If you have more than 20 participants we will try to accomodate your request.  Please fill out this form and we will contact you!