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Mohin-Scholz LGBTQIA Resource Office Programing

We offer a variety of programs each year that we hope keeps our queer students connected with one another and provides an opportunity for individuals to come together and build community. 

Building Q*mmunity

Building Q*mmunity Flyer

This weekly hour is typically held in office and a space for queer students to come in and talk about queer related issues. Often, queer students need a space to ask questions, share concerns, or just get affirmation and validation. During this program, we offer a respectful and safe space for asking those questions and talking to one another about our experiences, learning more about each other. By doing so, we build relationships, build our community, and offer one another support and solidarity when it may feel like there is none in other aspects of a student's life. Take a look at our for more information. 


Let's Hangout Flyer

This program acts as virtual office hours for students to drop in and talk to office staff. This virtual space is a way to connect with other students or have a private conversation with a staff member. Staff are available during the whole two hours to answer questions, offer a bright smile, or just do a quick check in with whoever wants to drop in. Although students are able to come by our physical office and hang out, some may prefer to not hang out in a room even if seating is socially distanced. Therefore, we offer this space as a way to virtually hangout with the office and for students to connect with one another without having to be in person.

Book Talk

Book Talk Flyer 

It's important for students to see themselves in media, literature, and outside in the world. Young Adult novels are a great way to offer students the opportunity to explore their sexuality, get comfortable talking about queer topics, and motherland other's sexuality and experiences as well. The Book Talks are casual and also function as a way to take a break from studying or focused homework assignments, especially since students are encouraged to socially distance which often leads to students isolating themselves. Books offer a mental escape and provide another activity that students can do individually but still connect with other when we come together to meet about the book.

Gayme Nights

Gayme Night Flyer

Gayme Nights are typically held in office with snacks. Students play board games, card games, and partake in a care-free, lighthearted night. Not only does this build community and get student interacting with one another, but it also offers students a safe and positive activity to do in the evenings. During COVID-19, Gayme Night will be held virtually and students will play online games like Kahoot, Trivia, and more. 

Movie Nights

Movie Night Flyer

Similar to our Book Talk program, Movie night provides students with another way to see queer characters interacting with one another and/or watch documentaries about queer history. Likewise, Movie Night is a fun and safe way for students to entertain their evenings and hang out with other people in the office.

Queer Culture: Queer Connections Series

Queer Culture Flyer

Queer history is often overlooked or not known by many in the community. This program aims to not only educate our students, but also preserve our history and knowledge of Queer rights. We discuss UNCW's efforts to build the Queer community on campus as well as community building and activism that happens world and nation wide. Our goal is to keep and build on the knowledge of our past and grow in appreciation for all those part of the Queer community.

Safe-Zone Training

Safe Zone Student FlyerSafe Zone Fac/Staff Flyer

UNCW's Safe Zone training program is designed to help campus allies foster an atmosphere of support and safety for UNCW's lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning population (LGBTQIA+), including students, faculty and staff. The mission of Safe Zone is to identify, educate and support allies. This will allow allies and UNCW to: provide a comfortable environment for all members of the UNCW community, to encourage an atmosphere free of homophobia and heterosexism and to support the LGBTQIA+ community. Our purpose is to provide a setting of appreciation, affirmation, and information for and about the LGBTQIA+ community.