Mohin-Scholz LGBTQIA Resource Office

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Mohin-Scholz LGBTQIA Resource Center Programing

We offer a variety of weekly and monthly programs each year that we hope keeps our queer students connected with one another and provides an opportunity for individuals to come together and build community. 


Building Q*mmunity: weekly, Thursdays 2 pm - 3 pm (in-person)

Building Q*mmunity Spring 2022

 Gayme Socials: weekly, Fridays 10 am - 3 pm (in-person)

Gayme Social

Queer Trivia: monthly (in-person)

Returning in the fall!

Queer Trivia

Movie Night: monthly (in-person)

Movie Night

Book Talk: monthly (in-person)

Book Talk

Queer Wellness: monthly (in-person)

April 21 @ 5 pm, flyer TBA