Dear Parents,

Welcome to our iPrint website. We are excited about this printing service for students, and we sincerely hope your student will find this service to be beneficial.

At the beginning of each semester, each UNCW student will receive $8.00 of free prints on his/her UNCW One Card (Seahawk Buck$ account). Students will receive $4.00 of free prints at the beginning of each Summer I and Summer II session. After the initial free prints are used, future black-and-white prints can be made for  $.06 per side printed double-sided black-and-white, .08 per side for single-sided black and white, and color printing is available at $.25 per printed side, using iPrint. Students and/or parents may deposit money on the UNCW One Card so that students' Seahawk Buck$ account can be debited.

High-volume copying (as opposed to smaller printing needs) may also be done at the iPrint Business Center.  

If you would like to add money to your student's Seahawk Buck$ account the fast and easy way, just go to our Seahawk Buck$ Online Management Center at https://uncwonecard-sp.blackboard.com/. Our secure site allows you to deposit funds in amounts of $5 or more through the use of any Visa/MasterCard or debit card. The money will immediately be added to your student's account, which can then be used for iPrint. Seahawk Buck$ can also be used at other locations all over campus -- including the UNCW Bookstore, iPrint Business Center, vending and laundry machines, post office, and pharmacy.