iPrint Services


Welcome to our frequently asked questions. Please click on the questions below to reveal the answer.

  • How much does printing cost?

    The first $8 of printing is FREE to all UNCW students. After that, the charge is .06 cents per side for duplex copies, .08 cents per side for single-sided copies, and all color copies are .25 cents per page.

    At the beginning of each semester, students will receive a FREE $8 credit to their iPrint account on their UNCW One Card, plus $4 for Summer I and $4 for Summer II.

    After your free credit is depleted, funds from your Seahawk Bucks account can be used to pay for prints.

    Note: If your free copies are not used during the semester, your iPrint account balance will not carry over and accrue to the next semester.

    Note: You are only charged once you release your job at one of our iPrint station locations, not when you upload your file.

    If you have a large volume print job, or if you have a different size/color paper preference, iPrint Business Center is also available to assist you in Randall Library.

  • Where do I go to pick up my print job?

    You can release your print job at any iPrint station location on campus.

  • What file formats can I upload to My Print Center?

    Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, PDF, Images, Text (CSV, RTF & TXT)

  • How do I print a PowerPoint slide for letter sized paper on an iPrint printer?

    If the iPrint printer is asking you to load “executive size paper” when trying to retrieve your print job, you will need to go back into PowerPoint and convert the slides to “letter sized paper” (8.5”x11”).

    By default, PowerPoint is configured to set the page size of slides to 4:3 screen ratio, which is “executive sized paper” (540x720) and this page size will not work with iPrint. After you make the changes in PowerPoint, reload your print job in My Print Center (https://mobileprint.uncw.edu/myprintcenter/).

  • What if I have insufficient funds and can’t complete my print job?

    The system verifies that funds are available to cover the cost of the job. If you have used all of the free prints on your account, your Seahawk Bucks account will be utilized. If funds are not available on your SeaHawk bucks account, an "insufficient funds" message will be displayed and the job will not be released until you add money to your Seahawk Bucks account.

  • How do I add SeaHawk Bucks funds to my UNCW OneCard?

    There are many options for adding funds to your SeaHawk Bucks account. Visit the SeaHawk Bucks web site for more information.

  • If I don’t use all of my free prints this semester, does my balance roll over to next semester?

    No. At the beginning of each semester, the balance begins again at $8 (or $4 for Summer Session I and $4 for Summer Session II).

  • What if I lose or forget my card? Are there other options for retrieving my print job?
    • If your card is lost or stolen, you should report it immediately.
    • If you have forgotten your UNCW One Card and are in Randall Library, you have the option of purchasing a temporary guest card from the iPrint card dispenser on the first floor. With a guest card, the printing cost is .10 cents per page and .25 cents for color.
  • What if I encounter a printer malfunction, do I receive a refund?

    Refunds/credits will be allowed for problems with the printers such as paper jams or low toner. Refunds are not permitted for user-induced errors such as misspelled words or printing too many pages. If one of our printers malfunctioned and you would like a refund, please create a help ticket.

  • If the printer is out of paper or toner, how do I report the trouble?

    If the printer is out of toner, paper or needs assistance, please report it to the iPrint Business Center in one of the following ways:

    1. Create a help ticket.
    2. Send us an email at iprint@uncw.edu
    3. Call us at (910) 962-3697
    4. Visit us at the iPrint Business Center in Randall Library on the 1st floor
  • What if I am having issues with iPrint or a departmental copiers?

    If you are experiencing problems with one of the printers such as no toner/paper, error messages, are requesting a refund due to equipment malfunction, or have a general problem with iPrint, please create a help ticket.

    If you are experiencing issues with department copiers, requesting copy cards, requesting toner and other issues related to the Convenience Copier Program, please create a help ticket.

  • What if I decide I don’t want to print my job after all? Am I still charged for the pages?

    No. Your print job will be automatically deleted in 24 hours and no charges will be made. You are charged only when you actually release the job at the printer

  • Why am I getting an error message when trying to install the iPrint driver?

    If you get an error message when installing the iPrint driver, the best solution is to use My Print Center instead. If you are using an antivirus software, such as McAfee or Norton, it usually requires for them to be uninstalled before the iPrint drivers can install. Windows Defender does not interfere with the iPrint drivers.

  • How do I uninstall an old version of the iPrint driver on a Mac before I install the current driver?

    If you have an old version of the iPrint driver on your Mac, you must uninstall it before installing the new driver.

    Uninstall an old iPrint driver:

    1. Open “Finder”.
    2. Click “Go” in the top menu bar.
    3. Select “Go to Folder”.
    4. Copy the following path: /Library/Application Support/Pharos/Utilities
    5. Paste it into “Go to the folder” and then click “Go.”
    6. A window will open, select the “uninstaller.”
    7. Select “Pharos Popup”, then click “Continue”, then “Continue” again, then “Done."
  • Can I use iPrint off campus?

    Yes, if you are connected to the internet you can upload your file to My Print Center and send it to the print queue. Once back on campus, release it at one of the printer locations.

  • Why are the settings defaulted to print double-sided?

    To support environmental stewardship and because it is less expensive. In keeping with the UNCW sustainability effort, all iPrint black & white printing will default to double-sided printing (i.e., printing on both sides of a sheet of paper). Each side is considered one page at .06 cents per side; therefore, one sheet with two printed sides will cost .12 cents. If you are required to print single-sided, simply select the single-sided. The cost will be .08 cents per page. Color printing is .25 cents per page.

  • What is the oldest version of Mac OSX that will support the iPrint driver?

    If you have anything older that OSX 10.7, you will not be able to download the iPrint driver onto your computer. My Print Center will work with any version of OSX.

  • What paper sizes can I use with iPrint?

    Letter size paper (8.5” x 11”) is the only size available at an iPrint station. The iPrint Business Center can assist you with more options. International Students: You may need to change your default paper size to 8.5” x 11”. European standard paper sizes (i.e., A4) will not work with iPrint. Please resubmit the job with letter size pages. Please note that it may not be sufficient to change only the page size setting in the print driver. Please also change the paper size in the page-setup to letter.

  • As a UNCW visitor or guest, how do I use iPrint?

    In Randall library a bank of computers and a guest iPrint printer has been dedicated for use for UNCW visitors and guests. The cost is .10 cents per printed page for black & white prints and .25 cents per printed page for color.

    1. Step 1: Purchase a guest card.
      Guests must purchase a "guest card." You can purchase this from the iPrint card dispenser on the first floor of the Randall Library.
    2. Step 2: Preview print.
      Before sending a print request, use the "Print Preview" option under the "File" pulldown menu to assure that you print only the pages you desire.
    3. Step 3: Send to printer.
      Send your document to the iPrint printer/queue by selecting the "Print" icon or choosing the iPrint printer from the File > Print drop-down menu.
    4. Step 4: Enter username.
      Enter your username, which is the ID number on your guest card.
    5. Step 5: Name your print job.
      Enter a name for your job in the space provided so that you can locate it when you go to the release station to release your print job.
    6. Step 6: Print or cancel.
      After entering your information, press "Print" and your job will be available for 24 hours. After the 24-hour period, your print file will be deleted.
    7. Step 7: Go to the designated iPrint release station.
      Go to the designated GUEST release station in Randall Library to release your job.
    8. Step 8: (At the release station) Login and swipe your guest card.
      Login to the iPrint program with your guest card number. Leave "password" blank. Swipe your guest card through the card reader.
    9. Step 9: Release your print job.
      Select your print job from the list and then press the blue Start button.
      *Please Note: You also have the option of deleting the job. Select the job(s) and press the "Delete" icon at the bottom right of the screen