***iPrint Pricing***

  • Double-sided B&W .06 / per side

  • Single-sided B&W .08 / per side

  • Color .25 / per side

iPrint is easy

  • How easy? Just check out the how-to instructions.
  • iPrint has dedicated service technicians.
  • Whether you are off-campus or on-campus, you can send a paper to an iPrint printer and use your UNCW One Card to retrieve your printed paper. At the beginning of each semester, each UNCW student will receive $8.00 of free prints on his/her UNCW One Card. Students will receive $4.00 of free prints at the beginning of each Summer I and Summer II session. After that, future prints are debited from your UNCW One Card, so you don't need exact change. Adding funds to your UNCW One Card for this purpose is fast and easy.

iPrint is convenient

  • iPrint printers for standard black-and-white printing and color printing are conveniently located in buildings all across campus.
  • You can also print from wireless computers. Just check out the how-to instructions.

iPrint is reliable

  • All new, more reliable printers for high-quality prints and pictures
  • No more worries about labs running out of paper or toner

iPrint is environmentally friendly

  • UNCW encourages responsible printing to ensure the wise use of resources.

iPrint will provide improved service to students while better controlling costs and waste, which makes ecological sense.