This program offers carefully selected and vetted Maynooth courses that will transfer back to UNCW and count toward graduation. Students will enroll in a full time load of classes (four - five). All students will enroll in the core course, "Introducing Irish Cultural Heritage," as well as three or four additional courses.

Registration for classes:

Registration for classes at Maynooth University is a little different than at UNCW. Do not worry, a UNCW staff member and staff from Maynooth will be there to guide you.

First you will meet with a UNCW staff member to let you know about the course availability. Some of the courses that you may wish to take may not be available or they may conflict with another class that you would like to take. The class schedule can vary by class, meaning that one day it can meet on Monday at 10 AM and then could meet on Thursday at 4 PM in the same week.

We will look at these during orientation while at Maynooth.

The following day you will file into the gymnasium with all of the other international students and get in line to get your registration sheet signed by a faculty member. For each class that you want to take you will have to wait in that line and get that signature from that professor. After you get all of your signatures you will hold on to this sheet for a week so that you may go to the classes and see if you need to switch any of them. A number of the classes that you might be attending will be standing room only as other students are trying out the classes also.

Once you are set on your classes, you will take your registration sheet to the registrars office to be officially registered for those classes. This is when you will have access to all class materials that are online.

Required course

Irish Cultural Heritage

This course is based on an inter-disciplinary study of the origins and foundation of early Irish cultural heritage with particular emphasis on archaeological, literary, historical and linguistic evidence. This emphasis on knowledge of Ireland's past will be coupled with a critical awareness of the "uses of the past" in the present: that is, an appreciation of how cultural institutions use "heritage" in the service of tourism, nationalism, and other projects. Students will acquire a basic knowledge in these areas as well as the basic research tools to access relevant material. The class includes tailored field study and assessment of iconic archaeological sites including the Boyne Valley (Knowth and Newgrange), the monastery at Clonmacnoise, the ritual complex at Cruachain and the Hill of Tara. Independent study at Cultural Heritage Institutions, such as the National Museum of Ireland, is also a feature. The course helps develop effective and efficient research, writing and study skills. This will transfer back as three hours of elective credit and will fulfill the Living in a Global Society requirement of University Studies.

Additional courses

Please refer to the UNCW @ Maynooth Course Availability document for course offerings that have been evaluated by UNCW from Maynooth University. These are courses that we know will transfer back based on previous student coursework. Many courses transfer back as University Studies or major courses, while others transfer to UNCW as electives towards graduation. Electives are noted by a 001 course number. If you choose to register for a class not on this list, we cannot guarantee that it will transfer.