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Assisting Students With Non-Traditional Study Abroad Programs

Increasingly, students are participating in non-traditional study credit-bearing study abroad programs. These are usually applied learning experiences that occur outside the classroom and may include internships, service learning, practica, or on-site research. The first point of contact for such programs is often a professor in the student's home department since these projects usually relate directly to the student's major. If a student expresses interest in a non-traditional study abroad experience, please refer the student to the Office of International Programs Hoggard Hall 149. Staff from OIP will work with the student to ensure that they make all necessary the pre-departure preparations.

Students will complete a study abroad application (includes itinerary, medical history, on-site and home emergency contacts, etc.); attend a pre-departure orientation (topics include safety abroad, budgeting, culture shock, etc.); and enroll in HTH Worldwide medical insurance.

The entire application process and necessary forms for participating in all credit-bearing study abroad programs can be found at Steps to Study Abroad.