Faculty and Staff Photo

Faculty and Staff

Alexis Kreun

Alexis Kreun, Student Outreach Specialist & Instructor

Email Alexis: kreuna@uncw.edu

Telephone: 910-962-3073

Office: Academic Support Center 103

Home State: Iowa

Interests: Playing saxophone, running, rock climbing, reading


Alexandra Swanson, Global Liaison (Graduate Assistant) & Instructor

Email Alexandra: ajs8796@uncw.edu

Telephone: 910-962-7344

Office: Academic Support Center 111

 Hometown: Chapel Hill, N.C.

Interests: teaching, yoga, arts and crafts, and intercultural exchange

David Graber

David Graber, Instructor

Email David: graberd@uncw.edu

Telephone: 910-962-3451

Office: Leutze Hall 206

Home State: Iowa

Interests: Languages, teaching, travel

Ron Murphy

Ron Murphy, Instructor youtube-logo.jpg

Email Ron: murphyr@uncw.edu

Telephone: 910-962-7344

Office: Academic Support Center 111

Hometown: Burgaw, North Carolina

Interests: Canoeing, kayaking, watersports, playing guitar and drums, tennis, his dogs


Alexandra Hartline, Instructor youtube-logo.jpg

Email Alexandra: hartlinea@uncw.edu

Telephone: 910-962-7344

Office: Academic Support Center 111

 Hometown: Sacramento, California

Interests: Reading, traveling, writing and journaling, learning languages, museums and culture, mindfulness meditation

Justin BlackwoodJustin Blackwood, Office Assistant

Email Justin: blackwoodj@uncw.edu

Telephone: 910-962-7344

Office: Academic Support Center 111

Home State: Ohio

Interests: Meeting new people, world cultures, reading, writing, cooking international cuisine, singing karaoke

Tim RoneyTim Roney, Global Liaison (Graduate Assistant) & Instructor

Email Timtdr8581@uncw.edu

Telephone: 910-962-7344

Office: Academic Support Center 111

Home State: North Carolina

Interests: Sports, photography, literature, the beach, going to concerts, traveling, meeting new people

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