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Ambassadors are study abroad returnees who are passionate about their education abroad experience and are willing to share their insight and expertise with fellow students.

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Isabel Covert: South Africa: Adventurism - Summer

Studying abroad in Cape Town, South Africa was a surreal experience. The views were beautiful everywhere we went, from the beaches to the mountains. The locals were very welcoming and friendly. This experience opened my eyes to what there is to see around the world and changed my perspective on life outside of the states. I stepped out of my shell on this trip and tried new things, especially the food. My favorite experience in South Africa was the safari. Our group stayed on a reserve and got to encounter many wildlife animals; we could even see them from our rooms! What makes this extra special is that we were able to stop and get fairly close to the wildlife, making the pictures and experience unforgettable.

Isabelle Fogleman: South Africa: AIFS Abroad in Stellenbosch- Spring

South Africa has deep history and culture, and the people are warm and welcoming. South Africa is also a great place for adventures such as hiking, surfing, or working with animals like penguins and elephants, but it also has a very tumultuous history surrounding Apartheid.  I worked with the Iliso Care Society, an organization that provides education to young students and food for the needy where I learned more about social justice initiatives and a deeper understanding of race and culture. Studying abroad teaches independence and growth, as well as immerses you into a beautiful country and culture that you may have never experienced before.


Sarah Foster: North Africa: *Summer in Morocco - Summer

Studying Abroad allowed me to not only learn about a new culture, but completely immerse myself in Morocco. This country has the kindest people, the most beautiful landscapes, and food that will never be matched! I even enjoyed a camel ride in the Sahara Desert. In the five weeks, I was abroad, I felt I had learned more than I had in a semester. All aspects of my life were touched positively by my decision to study abroad, and my heart will forever belong to Morocco.


Haley Rothstein: North Africa: *Summer in Morocco - Summer

During my time in Morocco, I expanded my knowledge both inside and outside of the classroom. When I arrived in Morocco, I didn't know any Arabic, but I was able to speak in full sentences by the end of the trip, which is more than I thought possible in only five weeks. I enjoyed learning about their culture, artwork and challenging my personal biases. I took a trip to Fez and saw the intricate process' Artisans crafted with their handmade woven textiles and pottery work that Morocco is famous. It was also interesting to see the transition to a more western lifestyle which is taking place in the bigger cities like Rabat.

For information on programs in Africa, reach out to the region's advisor, Megan Hinson.


Julia Anderson: Veritas University - Summer

Studying abroad in Costa Rica is a good way to broaden your horizons culturally, educationally, and personally. Participating in this experience allowed me to greatly strengthen my Spanish skills, expand my cultural boundaries, and discover much more about myself, my capability, and my independence. I lived with a host family who became more like my actual family. This family made a huge difference in improving my Spanish and cultural skills and it became the greatest experience in my life.

Garrett Wishon: Veritas Univ. - Summer


Anna Ward: Costa Rica: Veritas Univ. - Fall

Studying abroad opens minds to new traditions, cultures, and lifestyles. It’s important to be able to adapt to new situations and gain an understanding of different people and societies. The most enriching part of my personal experience was getting to know my host families and appreciating their culture, language, and countries. My favorite place in Costa Rica was Tortuguero, a small car-less town located on the Caribbean. It was a magical community between rivers and the ocean, with extreme biodiversity and a welcoming environment. My favorite place in Chile was in my artsy host city, Valparaiso. I loved walking up the hills and looking down upon the beautiful ocean and multitude of colored and creatively built homes.


Jessica Hampton: Global UNI 101: Explorations in Costa Rica – Short Term Fall

The geographical and natural wonders of Costa Rica allow students the opportunity to try things such as ziplining, snorkeling, white water tubing, horseback riding, and many other amazing experiences that they may not get to do at home. The most enriching part of my study abroad experience was being able to visit a family who taught my class how to make tortillas and pottery from hand. Costa Rica held a simplistic and natural beauty that is becoming so rare to find other places in the world. My favorite experience in Costa Rica was hiking the Ricon de la Vieja National Park, and being able to see the boiling mud pits, natural hot springs, and the abundance of wildlife such as several species of monkeys, toucans, and various plants. After the tour of the mountain, we got to hike down to a waterfall and jump into the ice-cold water. It was so surreal and beautiful to see the vastly different forms of natural wonders this single park had to offer.


Madi Nannery: Global UNI 101: Explorations in Costa Rica – Short Term Fall

In my opinion, perspective is one of the most important aspects of life. Studying abroad truly allows you to deepen your perspective in the most authentic way. You get to physically live in the life of others and see the world in a way you have never viewed it before. It is the most valuable form of hands-on learning and an opportunity I think every student should take. Pura Vida is a phrase that Costa Rica lives by, meaning pure life. The simple and gracious way of living is something that positively impacts all that visit. There is a contagious happiness in the laid-back lifestyle that leaves all visitors with more peace than they came in with.


Aveline Patrolia: Global UNI 101: Explorations in Costa Rica – Short Term Fall

My experience in Guanacaste, Costa Rica will forever stick with me, along with my new lifelong friendships. There was so much the land had to offer, and I found myself in awe of the beautiful landscapes and the variety of landscapes that it had to offer. The most surreal moment for me was after a hike up El Rincon de la Vieja, when we went to swinging steps to swim in a crystal clear waterfall. My friends and I dove down and could see each other with perfect vision. The sun shone through to the bottom of the pool, there were monkeys and the most beautiful birds I'd ever seen in person. The most fantastic experience for me was meeting a lovely Costa Rican family that made their living selling pottery and collecting clay. They allowed us into their homes to see the way they lived with their family, and even helped us make tortillas and lunch from scratch.


Brooke Beal: Costa Rica: *Physical Activity and Wellness in the Blue Zone - Summer

I believe all students should find time to study abroad to travel to a different country and getting to experience different cultures firsthand is the ultimate learning experience. During my time in Costa Rica, I saw various communities and how their day-to-day lives differ from mine. In Costa Rica, they have a much more relaxed and slow-paced lifestyle where they value spending time with family and finding time for leisure activities. My favorite things about Costa Rica is the abundance of fresh fruits, especially mangos, paddle boarding in the Nosara river and learning to surf.  If you have the opportunity to go abroad, I would highly recommend it!


Rachel Labori: Mexico: *Oaxaca, Mexico: Here and There - Short-Term Spring

Oaxaca, Mexico is a beautiful place filled with art, culture, and landscapes that are unforgettable. The two-week summer trip was filled with excursions and tours to see things like pyramids and waterfalls, and to deeply understand the rich history of the place and the people. My host family welcomed me with love and the community is patient and friendly. It was truly an amazing experience to fully immerse myself in another culture and improve my communication skills in Spanish. If I had the opportunity, I would go back to Oaxaca in a heartbeat.


Erin Helfrich: Costa Rica: *Veritas Univ. - Summer

I believe students should study in Costa Rica, internationally known as a tropical paradise where you can backpack during breaks from the university or vacation with the family.  Costa Rica's economy relies mostly on ecotourism and has a deeply rich culture, beautiful beaches, and exotic birds. I found the most enriching experience I had was living in a homestay and immersing myself fully in a different culture. I proved to myself that I can learn a new language and live in a foreign land with different practices, all while building connections with people who are different than me. My favorite experience in Costa Rica is not limited to just one specific moment in time, but living just as a local and participating in activities such as walking the dog at evening, reading the paper, going to a coffee shop, grocery shopping, going to the local farmers markets every Saturday, etc. These small things made me feel connected to the culture and those are the memories I will always look back on fondly.



Baylee Smeeton:  South Korea: Hanyang School - Summer

South Korea offers unique food, endless shopping, stunning palaces, exotic cafes, and hundreds of other cultural experiences. Seoul is perfect for lively city living, Busan is a great beach getaway and Jeju Island is home to dozens of cultural hot spots. All these locations are within two hours of each other. My favorite location in Seoul was Hongdae. This district is known for its endless shops, delicious street food and vibrant night life. I would often visit Hongdae in between classes to grab lunch and visit shops because it was a few subway stops away from Hanyang University’s campus. No matter what you’re looking to experience while abroad, I would recommend Seoul to everyone!

Starr Thomas: South Korea: Education Abroad Network (TEAN): Korea University - Spring

Studying Abroad in Seoul, South Korea was a truly amazing experience. I was able to really immerse myself in their culture by going to festivals, historic sights, celebrations, and just walking around. While abroad, I took Korean cooking classes, wore traditional hanboks to walk around the palaces, tried out Taekwondo, saw beautiful scenery, and so much more! Studying abroad in Seoul, was a great way to get use to speaking Korean and learning more through daily interactions with the locals and language courses offered by the university. My time in Korea has become one of my most cherished sets of memories and I can't wait to go back and make more!

Lily Kestler: Korea: CIEE Summer Korean Studies in Seoul

Studying abroad was always something I wanted to do during my time in college, and when I saw Summer 2022 in Seoul, South Korea, I knew it was the right fit for me. Seoul is such an amazing city and allowed me to grow as an individual and a student. I was able to meet so many new people from all over the world, experience living in a modern Asian city, and learn more about myself as well. My favorite experience in Seoul was going to the DMZ, this was an interesting and eye-opening experience because of how significant the location is to the people. I was able to learn so much about the history of South Korea and the future as well. Both my experiences in the classroom and outside of the classroom contributed to a very enriching study abroad in Seoul. I fully recommend others to study in Seoul, the city, the people, and the academics are amazing.


Seth Steele: Japan: Kansai Gaidai Univ. - Fall

Japan is a place with a long philosophical history, practiced crafts, delectable cuisine, and people with a vastly different set of values and thought processes. The most enriching reason to travel to Japan are the experiences that will challenge the various everyday notions that we take for granted. From Japan’s traditions of being barefoot to filial piety, immersing oneself in a culture that is often radically different than one's own develops an appreciation for other manners of thinking. This makes an individual more prepared for critical thought, solving problems, and being a member of a global society. Standing on Mt. Fuji, 12,000 feet up summit, I saw what the mountain sees every day. I saw the clouds that hug its faces, the trees that cascade its sides, and the sun as it rose above the horizon.

For information on programs in Asia, reach out to the region's advisor, Katrena Henderson.


UK & Ireland

Lucas Bourne: FYSA in the UK

Wales is a fantastic country that has beautiful and vast landscapes. The Welsh community is very welcoming and friendly, with a deep, enriching culture and history. During my time in Wales, I learned how to be more adaptable, adventurous, and independent. Some of my favorite parts of my trip were visiting the 12th century, Caernarfon Castle, other ruins, and waterfronts, along with making many friends local to the Wales area.


Eden Briley: University of Stirling

Studying abroad at the University of Stirling in Scotland opened my eyes to so many European cultures and academic differences, including UK's unique course style. Aside from the Scottish students, I met individuals from Ireland, Spain, Sweden, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Hungary, France, and England. Scotland is perfect for anyone that wants to go to a place with kind and friendly people, a homey small-town feel with accessible big cities, and miles and miles of beautiful landscapes. Go see Scotland, Seahawks!

Kaitlyn McCormackNational Univ. of Ireland, Galway (NUI Galway)

Galway Ireland is a beautiful place with music, art, little coffee shops and restaurants, as well as amazing scenery around every corner you turn. Everyone in the city is very welcoming and willing to teach you about their culture and I met many new people and formed lots of lifelong friendships. With Ireland being such a small country, it is easy to travel around whether it be Dublin, Belfast, or literally anywhere else, with just a bus ticket!  I could not have imagined a better place to study abroad than Galway.

Savanna MorrisUNCW @ Maynooth: A Fall Program for First-Year Spring Admitted Students

Students will find that this experience will mature and humble them as they grow into more culturally enhanced citizens. This will change their perspective on the surrounding communities they encounter and allow for more critical thinking. Students should want to study abroad to learn aspects that are unimaginable otherwise! My trip to the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge was definitely one of my favorite trips I took in Ireland!

David WilliamsSpring Break in the UK with Criminology


Andrew Faircloth: Ireland: Maynooth University - Spring

After talking at length with my study abroad advisor, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and go to Ireland. It turned out to be the best decision I ever made and a life altering experience. Maynooth University is located outside of Dublin, so there is easy access to the city, but with it being on the outskirts, you have the small-town feel. Everything you needed was within walking distance. Due to the size of Ireland, it was easy to take day trips to other parts of the country to enjoy the amazing views and Irish towns. One of the best things that came from my study abroad experience were the friendships I made, I found an immediate kinship with some fellow foreign exchange students from all over the United States and we became fast friends.


Tesa Helenbrook: UK Wales: FYSA - Fall

The First Year Spring Admitted students (FYSA) in the UK program broadened my horizons. The three months in Wales changed my outlook on life because of the incredible people that I met, the cultures I got to experience, and the classes I took. Regardless of where you go, there are tons of history surrounding you in Wales. Bangor University gave me the chance to meet an amazing group of people from all over the world who have become forever friends. My favorite place that I visited in Wales was Bryn Celli Ddu, “The Mound in the Dark Grove.” It’s a prehistoric mound located in Anglesey that is known for people performing rituals, paying their respects, and leaving peace offerings. It was an astonishing to be able to see things people have left throughout the thousands of years it has been there.

Sarah Hurley: UK England: Honors College Summer Internship Experience - Summer

I’ve dreamed of visiting England since I was very small and this summer, I was fortunate enough to study abroad in London. I was able to travel to dozens of other cities in England and I experienced a wide array of cultures and lifestyles. While I was learning practical skills within the classroom and at my internship placement site, I was also making new discoveries about myself with every train ride, meal, souvenir purchase and tear shed over Jane Austen’s grave in Winchester Cathedral. I instantly fell in love with the city of Bath the moment I stepped off the train. I loved it so much that I went back twice – namely for the Jane Austen Centre but also for the House of Frankenstein, the numerous quirky independent bookshops lining the cobblestone streets, the street musicians on every corner, and the gorgeous city architecture.

Diandre' Richie: UK- England: *Univ. of Hertfordshire - Spring

I studied abroad in the UK because it was a way to put myself outside of my comfort zone and for me to grow as an individual. Being aboard in the UK allowed me to not only meet new people and experience school in a different country, but it allowed me to grow my independent nature and test my ability to adapt in a new environment. My favorite experience while abroad was being able to visit different countries and other major worldly cities such as London. It was very quick and easy to commute to other places in the world while in abroad which I would not have been able to do in the US. Studying Abroad allowed me to immerse myself in more diverse settings and I had lots of fun while doing it.


Alyssa De Jesus: UK – England: *University of Oxford – Short-Term Spring

Studying at the University of Oxford, UK and attending Oxford Migration Studies Conference was an eye-opening experience. The region is rich with a plethora of cultures, languages, and history. On my program, we learned and discussed many complex concepts involving individuals’ ability and/or inability to migrate and how climate change affects all. We were encouraged to utilize a holistic approach when we visited historical sites, and when exposed to real-life testimonies of those impacted by forced migration and migration policies. Taking advantage of amazing opportunities while abroad has affirmed my choice of pursuing my career, I would highly recommend studying abroad to anyone wanting to expand their cultural competency.


Madeline Mueller: UK-Scotland: *Univ. of Aberdeen - Spring

Scotland is bright, green, lively, and cultured. I believe all students should study abroad to experience new cultures firsthand. You meet amazing people, make friends and memories, and it's a great way to get out of your comfort zone. My entire study aboard experience was enriching, from the application phase to the last day of my trip. When I got to Scotland, I did not know a single person, so I had to make all new friends when I arrived.  I pushed myself to reach out to people and attend random events at my host university. After COVID and yearning for new experiences and to meet new people, studying abroad helped me achieve both goals and exceed them.


Madeline Sammons: Ireland: *Maynooth University - Spring

I love the beach and all water activities, so when I arrived at Maynooth University, in Ireland, they had a surf club, so naturally, I joined! I took a trip to County Mayo called Uisce and surfed beautiful waves miles away from my typical beaches and I made connections with people from all over the world, from Germany to Korea! The friends, connections, and lessons I experienced in Ireland will always be special and I feel I gained a fresh perspective on my own routines and beliefs. I now have friends and professors in my network from all over the world and the world seems smaller now, but in a good way! Studying abroad should be an essential part of the college experience, and one I will forever be grateful.


Gabriella Berry: FYSA in the UK: A Fall Program for First Year Spring Admitted Students

If you love the rain and cold but gorgeous picture-perfect views, Wales is the perfect place for you. I got to meet people from Paris, Amsterdam, North Wales, and England, as well as travel to local ancient sites and learn the history behind Wales. Traveling abroad allowed me to flourish on my own, soul search, and travel the world easily while becoming super independent. Going as a group to Wales through the FYSA in the UK program allowed me to not feel alone and have a group I could do things with. Seeing the beautiful Wales water and what we call the Hogwarts Building, which is just the art campus building, made every early morning worth it.


Samuel Draper: ISA Fall Internship in London, England

England, specifically London, is incredibly diverse, easy to navigate, and a great place to immerse yourself in many different cultures. It was really enriching to intern at a prominent company in my industry and work with people from all over the world to achieve a similar goal. I learned so much about my industry, learned what it was like to live in one of the world's biggest cities, and was surrounded by intelligent and kind individuals in a place where I never fell short of finding something fun to do. My favorite experience was when the company I interned for, Raindance Film Festival, hosted their 10-day film festival in London. I met filmmakers that were premiering their films from all over the world and got to be a part of a very special moment in many of these young, diverse filmmakers' careers.


Maple Gerogosian: *Solution Focused Practice in the UK – Short Term Fall

No matter the length of the program, I would encourage students to study abroad to encounter new experiences, people, and learning opportunities. I would especially encourage students to visit the UK, as it features London, one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse cities in the world. I found that the most enriching experience during my trip was navigating public transport within the city and having conversations with locals. My favorite experience in my host country was visiting the various famous art museums in London. I was able to roam the Tate Modern Art Museum and The National Gallery at my leisure. Being able to see beautiful pieces in a magnificent and yet calming atmosphere helped me feel immersed in both old and new European culture.


Sydnie Averette: Keele Univ. - Spring

Studying abroad allows you to be and grow into your true self. Over the course of the semester, I was able to meet so many amazing people from all around the world and was able to gain insight about morals, values, traditions, and even random facts about so many different countries. England is such a perfect country to study in, especially if you want to travel while you’re there, but Keele University will always be my second home. Out of all the incredible experiences I had while studying abroad in England, my most memorable and favorite experience would have to be the first weekend when it finally got warm outside. My group of friends and I each brought snacks and blankets and we began to have picnics regularly at Keele Hall. The friendships made and simple moments we shared will always be my favorite.


 Brianna Hemmerling: Univ. of Aberdeen - Fall

Scotland was such a great country to study abroad in! The country was beautiful, the people were friendly, and there was so much to do, I was never bored. Scotland has so many landmarks, castles, and historical sites to explore. I got to make friends from all over the world and experience cultures that are different from my own. One of my favorite experiences was when the Erasmus student network (a group for students studying abroad) set up a trip around Scotland to see some of the Harry Potter filming locations. We went to Alnwick Castle, Durham Cathedral, and Glenfinnan Viaduct. It was so cool to get to see where the movies I've loved since I was a kid were made, and to get to travel with my friends!



Caitlyn Kunkle: Netherlands: USAC - Spring

I think the Netherlands is the most ideal country to study because you can travel to other countries easily and affordably with buses, trains, and flights. The Dutch are warm and friendly, the cities are beautiful and walkable, and the food is delicious. The most enriching part of my experience abroad was the people that I met while living in a dorm style building full of international students from all over Europe, Asia, South America, and across the United States. My favorite experience was Kings Day. This is a holiday celebrated in the Netherlands, where each year the King visits a different city where he is the host. This year it happened to be in Maastricht where I studied, and everyone comes out in orange (the national color) and thousands of people sing and dance in the streets. I waited three hours outside to be able to stand in front of the King as he marched by, it was the most special and patriotic day I experienced!



Tara Lax: Netherlands: *Refugee and Immigrant Experience of Children and Youth - Summer

The Netherlands is incredibly forward-thinking country in how open they are with inclusion of all. I went to Amsterdam with a focus on refugees and newcomers to this country. It was a highly eye-opening experience to think about how the Netherlands compares to the US in how we respond to and treat these groups in the educational settings. The program offered a new perspective on how to think about these issues both at a local and a national level that may I not have considered prior to this experience. 



Kate Eagan: *Happiness Emphasis: Denmark - Short-Term Spring

If I think there is one thing every student should do, it's studying abroad. You can gain a better understanding of other cultures and customs while broadening your experiences. My favorite experience in Denmark was going to a restaurant and sitting down enjoying food with locals, talking about their lives, and playing Mario cart. I learned a lot, had an amazing time, and made lifelong friends.


Abigail Kampschroeder: *Global Explorations: Denmark – Short Term Spring

Studying abroad is a fantastic way to open your mind and expand your worldview. You'll meet incredible new people, make great new friends, see some beautiful parts of the world, and have lifelong fond memories you can always look back on. My experiences made me more confident in myself and introduced me to other cultures in ways you cannot have without experiencing them firsthand. My favorite places in Denmark were the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek art museum and the Island of Ærø The museum was filled with beautiful and culturally significant sculptures and artwork from all over the world and throughout history. Ærø was the perfect cozy, colorful island to explore and relax.



Meredith Howson: Sweden: *International Education Field Experience – Summer                                                     

Studying abroad in Stockholm, Sweden is a choice you will not regret. Sweden is a beautiful country with a welcoming atmosphere and a diverse culture. Everyone is super friendly and welcoming, and you will soon come to feel like Sweden is your second home Not to mention, Sweden has divine coffee served at every chance! My favorite experience in Sweden was exploring Old Town Stockholm. It’s a waterfront city with breathtaking scenery, stunning architecture, authentic culture, exhilarating experiences, and an assortment of shopping.                                                                                                        



Samantha Schaarschmidt: France: Summer on the Mediterranean

Studying abroad in France was one of the best experiences I’ve had! I was able to learn about and appreciate the culture and lifestyle in France while also getting an education. I met so many other students from UNCW as well as some amazing people from all over the world who were also studying at the same school as us. Studying in France and being able to explore and see so many things allowed me to learn so much about not only the world but myself. My favorite experience/place in France was visiting Aix en Provence. It's about 30 minutes outside of Marseille and is such a beautiful small town with so much French culture. There are beautiful lavender fields in the summer, lots of small businesses/shops, and so many amazing restaurants.

Sarah Davis: France: *Summer on the Mediterranean

Studying abroad is the best way to learn about the Earth, yourself, and other people. Studying in France introduced me to many incredible people and allowed me to flourish outside of my shell. I learned so much about other cultures that I now apply to my daily life. My favorite experience in Marseille was taking the ferry to visit Ile de Frioul, where we saw the ruins of fortresses and swam in a beautiful calanque. We explored the village, spoke with locals, and learned about the history of the ancient island. I had an incredible day taking in the views and exploring with new friends.


Carly Mixon: France: Summer on the Mediterranean

Spending my summer in Marseille, France was truly the most exciting, educational, and fun time of my life. Studying abroad is more than just taking classes in another country, it is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to experience another culture by living in that county. Marseille is a city that has so much to offer and in the Kedge Business School, I became friends with many students in the Kedge Student Involvement Club. Meeting all these amazing people, as well as learning about a different and rich culture has enriched my life today. My favorite experience was with fellow UNCW and Kedge students when we hiked from campus an hour or so downhill to a national park beach called a "Calanque". We could see the view of the Mediterranean beach nestled in the mountains which was breathtaking and like nothing I had seen before.


Ava Wiesler: France: *Summer on the Mediterranean

Studying abroad allows you immerse yourself in another culture and escape the bubble of the United States. Traveling and being independent in another country helps you gain a whole new sense of confidence and make lifelong friends from all over the world. My most enriching experience, was becoming friends with students from the French University in Marseille, and learning more about their language, culture, and history. They took us around the city to help us practice our French and adjust to the cultural differences and translate if needed. My favorite experience was a long hike that led us to the most beautiful calanque (rock beach) and the water was so clear, I was able to swim through underwater caves and look for sea glass. Studying abroad was truly the best experience of my life, and I can't recommend it enough!


Andre'A Durham: France: *Summer on the Mediterranean

Everyone should travel abroad because it has opened my eyes to a new country, and it is a great way to meet other students that are perusing their dreams just like you. You will become like a family and share different experiences from all around the world. I had a chance to visit Marseille, France, led by a UNCW faculty member at the Kedge Business school and just about every day was a new adventure for us. We did activities all the time together which made us closer, and it was so fun to connect with other business students! One of favorite experiences while in France was riding on a boat called La levantin with the Kedge Interact students.  We got to try some awesome food from the Mediterranean Sea, and they served us several French desserts. After we ate, we had a chance to explore an historical island and sit on the beach and enjoy the day.


Sophia Daigle: AIFS Abroad in Paris, American Business School - Fall

Studying abroad in Paris, France was one of the most life-changing experiences. There is so much to explore and discover in Paris, and everything is only a few minutes away on the metro or bus. There is never a street corner without a cafe or a small bite to eat! On my last day of class with one of my favorite professors and classmates, he ended class early so we could all eat at a Lebanese restaurant next to the school. Most of the class was Lebanese students with some French, British, American, Dutch, and Indian. We all sat together as we tried Lebanese food, some of us for the first time, and we talked about going back home and what we would do next with our lives. I even brought my polaroid camera to class that day and got a group photo of all of us, and we passed it around the restaurant for everyone to see.



Sylvia Woods: Germany: *Business in Bremen - Summer

I have studied abroad in both Prague and Germany now. My experience in Prague was for a consulting project that couldn’t be topped. It felt as if I was in a fairytale while roaming the streets and castles. My time in Bremen, Germany was just as great, if not better. Since we had long weekends to travel, I got to visit Hamburg, Germany, Paris and Amsterdam for the month that I was there. My favorite thing to do in Germany was to walk through the city center after class. There was always a popup market with new foods and vendors every day.

Marilyn Bolderman: Germany: *Business in Bremen - Summer

Studying abroad is an incredible opportunity that all students should experience at least once. Not only are you learning inside the classroom while abroad, but you are also constantly learning about other cultures and lifestyles every time you walk outside. The professors and students in Bremen, Germany were extremely helpful. They truly dedicated time to connecting with us and planning special events that allowed us to explore lots of exciting places. My favorite experience was our weekend trip to Amsterdam. We traveled there by train and visited the Van Gogh Museum, took a canal tour and even had an indoor icehouse experience.



Chris Day: Germany: *Business in Bremen - Summer

If you are concerned about cost or not speaking the language of the country, you just need to buy everything at the right time, talk to others like me and in Northern Germany, everyone speaks great English. Germany has great food and beverages; I would suggest lunch or dinner at a Biergarten. Germany is also close to many interesting places to take by train, like Copenhagen or Amsterdam. My favorite part about Germany was being able to explore Breman with friends and getting comfortable with knowing my way around the city and discovering more and more which was exciting. I want to visit more in south Germany, so I can't wait to go back!


Erika Gonzalez: Germany: *Business in Bremen - Summer

Studying abroad in Bremen, Germany was the most exciting experience of my life. It was surreal to be immersed in European cultures and lifestyles and I made lots of friends while paddle boarding in the Werdersee river and eating Bratwurst and pommes frites (fries) with the locals. I gained skills of being independent and adaptable while navigating the countries of Germany, France, and Netherlands. Bremen was a beautiful little city with an excellent tram system to take me to the riverside restaurants, the town square with farmer's market, shopping, and to my classes at Hochschule Bremen.

Viktoria Kupka: International Student from Bremen, Germany – US Fall 2022

Being an international student and moving to a different country to seek an education is a very enriching and valuable experience that will form your personality and brings you value for your lifetime. My home country Germany is a beautiful and diverse country which offers a friendly and welcoming environment. Germany is in the heart of Europe and provides many opportunities to travel to other countries and cities. Regardless of the cultural and environmental beauty that Germany has to offer, the education you receive has a high standard and many offers possibilities. The German city, Bremen, is charming, beautiful, historic and is perfect for a foreigner to make memorable experiences.


Erasmus Bosch: International Student from Hannover, Germany – US Fall 2022                                                            

Being in the center of Europe, Germany gives you a chance to experience European mentality. If Germany’s Oktoberfest in Munich and Beerfest’s are the only things you think about, you’ll miss our great traditions, culture, and outstanding research in science. As the first cities of Germany (Trier, Köln, Augsburg, and Mainz) were founded during the roman empire our traditions have developed over more than 2000 years now. During this time, Germany has built many cultural places like cities with half-timbered houses and castles. Coming to Germany will give you the chance not only to experience and learn about our Country and Europe as a continent, but also to study and profit from world leading research from a different perspective which helps solving problems in a global world.


Joschka Labinsky: International Student from Bremen, Germany – US Fall 2022                                                                         

Germany is the geographical and economic center of Europe and has everything you could wish for. A long history with interesting culture, delicious food, big cities and small traditional villages, mountains, and the sea. Studying abroad and learning German can also help you find a good job after graduation since so many companies have connections to Germany. You will meet many other local and international students who are extremely open to meet exchange students even though you might not think of Germans like that. The whole stay will not only change your perspective of Germany, but also you as a person, as you will automatically become more open, independent, and self-confident.


Eliana Pysz: Germany: *Business in Bremen - Summer                                                                                            

I believe other students should consider studying abroad in Germany because of the beautiful sights and amazing culture! While abroad I was able to meet and spend time with German students and be immersed in their culture by living their lifestyle and eating their traditional foods. Every day was a new adventure and there was never a dull moment. My favorite experience from my trip to Germany was the day we all went sightseeing with some locals and saw some of the most incredible structures and we went paddle boarding down the Wesser River. All of us were able to spend bonding time together and do a really fun activity.


Brooke Burris: Germany: *Business in Bremen - Summer

I think every student should have the experience of studying abroad. It is amazing to be able to immerse yourself fully in another culture and meet people from around the world. Even if you don't speak the language (or maybe you do) you'll be eating the food and living like a local. I found meeting new people and learning about German culture to be the most enriching part of my study abroad experience. While I was in Germany, I was able to really get to know the small town of Bremen. Two of my favorite places were the Viertel, a small shopping and restaurant centered neighborhood with many young people, and the park alongside the Weser River where we spent a few hours paddle boarding together after class.


Emily Martinez: Germany: *Business in Bremen - Summer

If you are thinking of studying abroad, you should do it! It's an experience like no other. I got to explore Germany and experience life there as a student. Studying abroad gave me a different perspective on life. Just being there was my favorite experience. I loved that aside from being in Bremen we were able to travel to different cities. It was a new adventure every day, from taking a tour of Hamburg with our professors to going to Berlin with a friend to see the Berlin Wall Museum. Just seeing the view of Germany was beautiful and riding the trains was crazy.



Michael Olson: Poland: *Exploring Strategies for Cross-Cultural Innovation in Krakow- Short-Term Spring

All the people I met in Poland, both students and professionals, enriched my learning experience and set me up for success after graduation. I went to Poland with the idea of never wanting to live in eastern Europe. Now, I am actively looking for careers in Poland and can't wait to go back. Poland is filled with historical sites and wonderful people. I had some of the best food I've ever eaten and visited some of the most historical places in eastern Europe such as; Auschwitz, Wawel Royal Castle, and Wieliczka salt mine. My favorite experience in Poland was attending the Soap! conference. I was able to meet professionals in my field from all over the world and gain more understanding of the culture and history of Poland.



Sarra Richardson: Poland: *Exploring Strategies for Cross-Cultural Innovation in Krakow - Short-Term Spring

Being a part of the study abroad community at UNCW was something that always interested me. When I decided to study in Poland, I originally had no idea what to expect because I hadn’t done a lot of research. When we arrived in Poland, I was absolutely shocked by the beauty of the landscape and architecture, the amazing diversity in food options, and the numbers of activities we were able to experience. With Poland being one of the locations of the world’s most gruesome crime, the Holocaust, we had an amazing opportunity to see the concentration camp Auschwitz during our stay. This experience helped me focus on how to make better choices for the future, so we do not repeat the past.


Maurisio Zaldivar: Poland: *Exploring Strategies for Cross-Cultural Innovation in Krakow - Short-Term Spring

I think seeking discomfort is the best way to experience something, and I did exactly this while visiting my first country in Europe which was Krakow, Poland. What I found most enriching about this trip was all the people who I got to meet from all over the world. I now have connections and friends I have made who I am still in contact with all the way back in the US. Krakow was also a foodie’s dream which I am myself and there were so many different cultures that brought a large diversity of food into the city. My favorite place to visit in Krakow was Kazimierz, which is the old Jewish Quarter part of the city. It was filled with a lot of history and had so many little shops and places to see. In the middle of Kazimierz there is a circular food stall where people can grab food and just hang out with occasional live music which was fun.


Marissa Garrow: UNCW In Italy - Academic Year

Living in the Bay of Naples, Italy for seven months is fantastic in and of itself, but when I got to go scuba diving in Marina Grande, while learning about different organisms, was like something out of a storybook. Being immersed in another culture is a stepping stone to understanding the world around you. Studying abroad gave me lasting friendships and the confidence that I never knew I had.

Sam Ross: UNCW In Italy

Studying abroad in Italy is one of the best decisions you could make. Italian life is very laid back, "la vita dolce" means the sweet life, and that is what everyone there strives to do. Living in my residence hall, looking at the ocean or the mountains, hanging out with friends, and the total emersion in the culture are memories I will cherish forever. Interacting with extremely nice people from another culture allowed me to grow and not only appreciate their culture but appreciate mine as well.


Sydney Mcgonigle: Italy: Fast & Slow - Short-Term Spring

My trip to Italy was life changing in more ways than one. Being able to insert myself into a new culture was something that I will remember forever. I loved being able to go out with a new group of people and do new things together and make many new friends and great memories. This adventure was so out of my comfort zone, and it ended up being one of the best trips I've ever experienced. 


Gretchen Mabry: Italy: AIFS Abroad in Florence: Global Education Center - Spring

Studying abroad in Florence changed my life! It expanded my cultural bubble and opened my American eyes to the Italian culture. I found a new sense of independence, made lifelong friends, and traveled the picturesque landscapes of Tuscany, we indulged in local cuisine, explored cathedrals, coliseums, and galleries. This experience has cultivated new passions for adventure and has equipped me to live life in an entirely new way. I am beyond grateful for this experience, not just for the experiences I had being abroad, but also because it prompted my path to self-discovery.


Grace Moeller: Italy: ISA Rome: Business, International Relations & Liberal Arts - Summer

One huge reason to travel to Rome is the history. Every corner has beautiful churches, fountains, statues, basilicas, and buildings dating back to the second century BC. Even the streets intersect at important landmarks and was constructed with purpose. There is history of the catholic church, mythology, engineering of the aqueducts, early civilization and even medicine. Also, there are great museums which house important artifacts. I think everyone should travel to Rome to learn and see history that you can't see anywhere else in the world.


Kathryn Whalen: Italy: ISA Rome: Business, International Relations & Liberal Arts - Summer

Other students should study abroad in Italy, because it gives you an amazing opportunity to learn about a different culture, form new relationships, and gain new perspectives. One of the most enriching experiences I had was going to Florence and learning about and appreciating their artwork, religion, shops, and food. These experiences also helped me understand the history and culture of Italy. I was sometimes placed in uncomfortable situations that pushed me to solve new problems. After traveling via bus, plane, metro, etc., I came back with increased confidence.


Ashley Caine: UNCW in Italy - Fall

I think that other students should consider studying abroad in Italy because of the variety of cultures, landscapes, and experiences that the country can offer. While studying in Sorrento I was able to experience the laid-back, carefree lifestyle that is such a huge part of the Italian experience. I met some of the most amazing people and made life-long friendships. Along with the people and culture, I was also able to see some of the most breathtaking landscapes and beautiful natural areas in the world. My favorite place in Sorrento was the Marina Grande. My window in my dorm room overlooked the marina and I never got used to how breathtaking the view was. I would watch the sunset set over the sea there every day, go there to read or study, swam for the first time in the Mediterranean there, and would often go to the restaurants to enjoy dinner with friends.


Kate Modrow: UNCW in Italy - Fall

Italy is full of culture and deeply rooted in traditions unique to the country. The opportunity to immerse in the culture was a life-changing experience I was so grateful to be a part in. The most enriching part of studying abroad was knowing that I had the opportunity to be involved with field trips, travels with friends, and various school activities, which I only got to experience through study abroad. I also got to take classes specific to Italy and its culture while travelling to new places and gaining unique knowledge of the world. One of my favorite field trips was for my marine biology course, where we went snorkeling and kayaking in the Mediterranean Sea. It was a truly amazing experience to see the sea from a new perspective and explore new things.


Alexandra Pyne: UNCW in Italy - Fall

I believe it is important for students to study abroad because it opens them up to a new culture and environment. Studying abroad helps students gain a global perspective of the world, which can be difficult earning in a regular classroom setting. I noticed while studying abroad that I was able to immerse myself into Italian culture. Learning about the different parts of their cultures allowed me to appreciate and respect Italian culture. One of my favorite places I visited while in Italy was Positano. Positano is a village located on a hillside on the Amalfi Coast. The large quantity of lemons, hand-made ceramics, and stacked buildings easily made Positano one of my favorite places in Italy.



Emma Osborne: Greece: *American College of Thessaoniki (ACT)- Summer - Summer

Greece is filled with endless opportunities, from hiking the Greek islands in the Aegean Sea to the bustling cities and unique architecture on the mainland, No matter where you are in Greece, you can find yourself surrounded by historical archaeological sites and beautiful churches that decorate the streets. Greek people pride themselves on being extraverts and are willing to share their culture with others. They appreciate being asked about their language, food, and other aspects of their lifestyles.  Greeks prefer to spend their time with their family and friends and have a more relaxed mindset compared to the hustle and bustle of life in the U.S. It truly was a once in a lifetime experience!

Kelsie Underwood: Greece: *From Danger Zone to Blue Zone: Ikaria - Summer

Studying and traveling abroad with a Faculty Led trip, really allows you to enjoy the experience and take some of the stress out of planning the trip. I got to meet people in my program and locals, that I would have never been able to meet. We were studying the longevity of the people and our faculty leaders sent us on an "amazing race" style scavenger hunt and one task was to take a picture with a local who appeared to be over 80. This is how I met and interviewed a very kind gentleman, named Apostolos.  He told us so many stories and gave us insight into the island and its people that we would have never known, it is a moment that I will never forget.

Christopher Fleming: *From Danger Zone to Blue Zone: Ikaria, Greece - Summer

Traveling to another country itself can be an extremely enriching and provide a lot of experiences you may have not had before but doing it through UNCW helped to connect me to other students and people that I would have not met otherwise. Many of my study abroad-mates and I are still close friends and continue our relationships well after the programs ended. The best experience I had while in Ikaria, Greece was hiking to the top of a mountain, and staying overnight in a lodge carved out of a giant boulder. We hiked most of the afternoon and all the next day to enjoy views of the entire island. It was easily one of the most memorable couple days of my life.


Morgan Karmanocky: *From Danger Zone to Blue Zone: Ikaria, Greece - Summer

Students should study abroad because it exposes them to a whole different area of life. It’s amazing to meet a lot of different people from a completely different culture who speak a different language. It’s also very refreshing to unplug from the daily rush of American culture. My favorite thing about my trip abroad was the time I was able to spend outdoors hiking, learning about the land, and experiencing the different types of vegetation and wildlife. It made me grow my passion for Mother Nature! Ikaria, Greece also has some of the freshest food I’ve ever had. They really value the phrase from garden to table. I even got to take a cooking class where I picked the vegetables for my meal.



Megan Chard: ISA Salamanca, Spain: Spanish Language & Culture - Intensive Month

Attending a university in Spain gives you the opportunity to meet many people from all over the world. The adaptability gained from your experiences abroad will aid your skills in whatever you want to achieve in life. Personally, learning a foreign language inside of my own country was difficult because it was not used in my daily life. After being immersed in the language and culture for even a short amount of time, my Spanish skills have greatly improved. I suggest studying abroad to anyone, you won't regret it!


Creah O'Hara: AIFS Abroad in Barcelona UAB: Summer

Studying abroad in Spain was the most fulfilling experience of my life. My host parents had fun helping me with the language over many meals together; it really felt like we were family. The food in Spain is delicious, the language is beautiful, the culture is enriching, and the experience is indescribable. Everywhere you walk you are surrounded by stunning architecture and lively citizens. There is never a boring moment whether it's going to flamingo shows or visiting local landmarks, you will always have something to do.


Rainey WallenDiscover History & Culture in the Spanish Empire

Spain is the historical center for many global trades and ideas which can give one an understanding of the interconnectedness of everything in our world. What I found most enriching about my experience were the friends I made and trying new foods in all the amazing restaurants and cafes. Studying abroad in Spain offers so much history and culture that can be an enriching experience for any degree program. I think everyone should consider studying abroad in Spain. 


Madison Mclane: Spain: Valencia - Summer

I chose to make the most of my time in Valencia, Spain and while the Spanish culture of the Siesta is infatuating, I took advantage of the midday freeze to shop till I dropped and sight-see. I took any chance that I could to walk or bike to school to experience my environment with every sense I could bolster. My favorite experience was being hosted by a Brazilian family during my time there. We had such rich conversations and got to experience so much more food and architecture that way.


 Victoria Castro: *Valencia, Spain – Summer

Students should study abroad to see the world in a different way, it makes you more open to new ideas and seeing a different way of life than in just the US. I experienced a new culture, new people, new styles, new ideas, and a different language which is a very humbling experience. In Spain, the architecture is gorgeous and there are many famous sights to see such as La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona and festivals and traditions to take part in such as Las Fallas! Of course, the food is also amazing, Paella is a must-try! My favorite experience in Spain was going to my Spanish class and the teachers at the University of Valencia. It was cool to have a traditional experience on campus with a Spanish teacher where I learned a lot about their history, language, and culture in both inside and outside of the classroom. Spain an amazing county to visit!


Kate Graybush: Spain: *UNCW in Barcelona - Spring   

I believe that students that study abroad in Spain will transform the way they see and experience life and how they view themselves.  In Spain you are experiencing a new culture unlike the United States; the food culture, dance, religion, festivals, and so much more literally ignites a passion in your soul. While studying abroad, I developed some core beliefs about who I am and what I want to pursue in life. During my first solo trip while abroad, I traveled to Sevilla, Spain during Semana Santa (Holy Week) and was able to witness huge processions with more than 30,000 people in attendance. That mixed with the beautiful, colorful Moorish architecture and delicious, flavorful Mediterranean cuisine created an impactful memory I hope to always cherish.           


Sandra Schneider: Spain: *UNCW in Barcelona – Short-Term Spring

I would highly recommend any UNCW student to study abroad in Spain! Studying abroad was an excellent opportunity to view breathtaking, once in a lifetime sights. Along with the remarkable architecture and history in Spain, it is also a fantastic learning experience. The abroad experience teaches independence, adaptability, and is a way to widen world perspectives. My favorite aspect about Barcelona, Spain was the diversity. There were gorgeous beaches, mountain ranges, architectural designs, parks, and cultural activities to partake in during the time there. My favorite experience was the cultural outings which included trips to La Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, Montseratt, Monjuic, Figueres, and Cadagues.


Kristina Barnes: Spain: ISA Malaga, Spain: Hispanic Studies - Spring

Spain is a beautiful country that serves as a gateway to Europe with a rich history and culture. There is much to do everywhere you go, from learning traditional dances to trying local food specialties or exploring different cities. Spain is a perfect place to learn or further immerse yourself in the Spanish language, the people are so kind and understanding if your Spanish skills aren't perfect yet. I made great friends from all over the world and had such unique experiences like hiking with my classmates to Mount Monte San Anton to see the best views. Studying Abroad taught me so much about other cultures and myself, I think Spain is an amazing place to go!


Daniel Cortazar: Spain: USAC Valencia – Summer

Studying abroad gives you an easily accessible pathway to see the world and connect with new people and make new friends. You have the chance to broaden your horizon and bring back those cultural lessons to the US.  Everyone I met overseas was ready to become a new friend and friendly. Studying abroad in Spain and not just traveling in the country, gave me the time to speak with professors that shared insights and perspectives on academia and world problems that you could not find in the United States. The experiences had in Spain left an everlasting impact on me.


Sydney Waddell: Spain: AIFS Abroad in Seville- Spring

Studying abroad in Spain was a life-changing experience for me! Spain has so much to offer students including amazing people, food, and beautiful historic places to see. I choose the city of Seville, Spain to experience life there for a semester. Seville and living there as a student were perfect for me because, it was just small enough that I was not overwhelmed by a new city, but I still got a feel for true life in Spain. While in Spain, I was exposed to the Cuisine of Spain and took a class on how to properly cook their foods! This was an amazing class that left me with knowledge of how to cook dishes such as gazpacho and croquetas. I am excited to share my insight with anyone who is interested in studying abroad or anyone who will listen!


Jenna Denton: Spain: ISA Valencia: Business, Sciences & Liberal Arts - Fall

Studying in Valencia, Spain was the best experience of my life. Not only is this city beautiful and rich in Spanish culture and history, it also is a hot spot for European students studying abroad. During my time abroad I was able to be immersed in Spanish culture while also befriending many people from various European countries and learning about their cultures - not just Spanish students! This diverse environment taught me so much and gave me a more worldly perspective on life.


Ryan Oehler: IMBA- Univ. of Valencia (for graduate students only) – Calendar Year

Studying abroad gives you the chance to immerse yourself in a new culture. You get to make new friends from across the world who have totally different life experiences than you. Furthermore, you learn a lot about yourself by getting out of your comfort zone. Studying abroad gives you a new perspective through figuring out life in an unfamiliar territory. My favorite experience was meeting new friends through the Soy Erasmus program in Valencia. My UNCW friends and I met new people, went to events, and explored cool, unique parts of Spain.


Giana Siebenaler: ISA Granada, Spain: Hispanic Studies - Fall

As a language major, studying abroad was one of the best decisions I ever made. Even in just that first intensive month, my Spanish vastly improved. While studying abroad, I grew much more comfortable speaking the language and making mistakes. Every single day I was pushed out of my comfort zone and each time I was able to rise to the challenge. Granada, Spain is well known for being a melting pot of different cultures and religions. One of my favorite parts of the city is the prominence of Islamic culture, which is highlighted by the Alhambra. No matter how many times I walked around within the walls of the Alhambra or gazed up at it from the city below, I never got tired of the beauty and magnificence of the Alhambras' culturally rich architecture.


Taya Phillips: ISA Sevilla, Spain: Spanish Language, Culture & Business – Summer

The first time that I traveled outside of the country was when I decided to study abroad in Spain. I stepped out of the airplane and fully embraced my Spanish speaking skills and knowledge acquired from UNCW and allowed myself to be open to all the experiences and opportunities that were soon to come. Traveling alone and studying in a different country allows you the opportunity and advantage to grow as an individual and student. It also allows you to explore outside of your comfort level, experience first-hand how different each culture can be, and develop an appreciation for the small things we take for granted every day. My favorite experience from studying abroad in Spain was being able to go to the Spain vs. Portugal soccer game.




Jacob Anthony: Australia: Univ. of Newcastle- Fall

 Studying abroad in Australia is a once in a lifetime experience that I don't think anyone would regret. Most of the people there are fun-loving, laid back, and friendly so you're always in for a good time. One of the most enriching parts of my study abroad experience was making friends with people from all over the world who I would've never met otherwise. I was able to check off several of my bucket list experiences, like Scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, exploring the Daintree Rainforest, and visiting the Australia Zoo.


Jordan Lamoreux: Australia: January Down Under- Short-Term Spring

I believe that other students should study abroad in Australia if they have the opportunity to do so because it truly is an experience like no other. Australia is so diverse and unlike any other country I have ever visited. There are so many different cultures and places to explore, not to mention the food is out of this world. Since Australia is part of the Asia-Pacific region, I learned so much more about not only Australia itself, but also about Asian-Pacific culture. My favorite experience in Australia was taking day trips to the beaches! The water was insanely clear and beautiful, and using public transportation to get there was super easy. Exploring different areas with my peers are some of my favorite memories from studying abroad!


Makenna Judy: Semester at Sea: Spring Voyage

Semester at Sea is truly the experience of a lifetime. I got to see Da Nang, the city where my sister was born, and learn about the unique culture of Vietnam while traveling all across the country. I was able to learn and experience new cultures firsthand and got the chance to step outside my comfort zone in ways I could never have imagined. While my trip didn't go as planned due to the Pandemic, I wouldn't have changed the experience for the world because of the friends I met, relationships I made, and memories that will last me a lifetime.

Courtney Wilson: Semester at Sea

Through Semester at Sea, you develop a better intercultural identity while traveling to ten different countries and having personal experiences with the cultures you visit. My favorite aspect about Semester at Sea, was that our shipboard community became close and we cared about one another like a family, our Academic Dean knew the name of every student and faculty on board, despite that there was over 600 of us. My favorite experience in country was in India when I met, Mahz, a student from St. Theresa's College. We met at a welcome reception through Semester at Sea on the first day at port; where she taught me about her culture and in return, I shared a bit about mine.


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