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What is a Study Abroad Ambassador?

Ambassadors are study abroad returnees who are passionate about their education abroad experience and are willing to share their insight and expertise with fellow students.

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Ambassadors can be reached through e-mail. Find Ambassadors who have studied in the region, country or program in which you are interested by using the links below.

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Kristen Peterson

USAC Ghana: Accra - Spring 2019

Students should take advantage of studying abroad in Ghana since it is a culture so different from Wilmington, NC and the rest of the United States. You are immersed into the Ghanaian lifestyle, as you hand-wash your clothes, learn Twi (the local tribal language), and take the "trotro" (the public transport, which is a rickety van). You will meet many people in this friendly country and enjoy hearing their perspective on things and sharing your own. You will go on safaris and see the chimpanzees and elephants. You can sleep in the treehouse at Kakum National Park and be the first ones out on the canopy walk in the morning, where bridges are suspended hundreds of feet up in the trees of the rainforest. No matter what you do, you will be pushed out of your comfort zone when you study abroad in Ghana.



Julia Anderson

Veritas University - Summer Program

Lindsey Aubuchon

Faculty-Led in Costa Rica - Spring 2019

Over the summer, I studied in Costa Rica on a short-term program. While there, I spent most of my time in a portion of the country known as the Nicoya Peninsula. This part of the country is known for the longevity and happiness of the lives of its people. I was there to understand why these people live such fulfilling lives, while also experiencing their way of life. Because of my experiences in Costa Rica, I have learned a lot about a new culture, practiced my Spanish speaking skills, and discovered specific areas of my own life which I could improve upon to live more like the Costa Rican people, increasing both my physical and mental wellbeing.

Meagan Colston

Happiness Emphasis: Honors Seminar in Costa Rica Faculty-Led - Short-Term Spring 2019

Here in the US, we focus on materialistic items and seeing who has the most and the best. In Costa Rica, they do the opposite. They may not have the best car, house, etc. However, if they have their family, friends, and relationships that's all that matters. I started to live more in the moment and worry less about what seemed to be a downgrade of living conditions (ex. Not the best air conditioning or WiFi). I realized that those things had no importance compared to the interactions I was having with the citizens of Costa Rica.

Samantha Harding

Univ. San Francisco de Quito (USFQ) - Galapagos

Caylee Lindsay

Veritas Univ. Summer Program

Experiencing true Costa Rican culture was amazing. After staying with a host family for 8 weeks, I had the opportunity to live the way locals live. I was constantly trying new foods, communicating effectively in Spanish, and navigating my way through many cities across the country. The most enriching part about my experience was being able to snorkel in bioluminescent algae & see all of the beautiful nature and biodiversity Costa Rica has to offer. It was truly breathtaking!

Garrett Wishon

Veritas Univ. Summer Program


No current Ambassadors for this region. For information on programs in Asia, reach out to the region's advisor, Katrena Henderson.


UK & Ireland

Lucas Bourne

FYSA in the UK

Wales, is a fantastic country that has beautiful and vast landscapes. The Welsh community is very welcoming and friendly, with a deep enriching culture and history. During my time in Wales, I learned how to be more adaptable, adventurous, and independent. Some of my favorite parts of my trip was visiting the 12th century, Caernarfon Castle, other ruins, and waterfronts, along with making many friends local to the Wales area.

Trey Dal Pizzol

FYSA in the UK 

While abroad, I learned more about Welsh and English culture than any class I could take. I stayed on the campus of Bangor University, living with the Welsh students. The clashing of our American culture versus their Welsh culture was fascinating. We hosted a Thanksgiving dinner for the local students, and they invited us to their Guy Fawkes Day or Bonfire Night. We both learned so much about each other and the friends we all made will be with us for life. 

Octavia Henry

Swansea Univ. 

Wales is one of the best places to study abroad because of its rich culture and breathtaking landscapes. You get the best of both worlds with the incredible coastline and the beautiful mountain ranges. It has a little something for everyone! Whether you want to surf, hike, lay out by the beach, or head to the big cities to shop--it has it all. What I found most enriching about this experience was all of the historical places I was able to visit. An extra perk of studying there was how easy it was to travel to other countries within and outside of the UK. Fun fact: Wales has more castles than any other country in Europe!  

Camryn Koppelman

Univ. of Hertfordshire

I was a changed person by my time in the United Kingdom. Studying abroad helped me evolve into a more confident, diverse, content person and allowed me to open myself up to new possibilities and adventures. Taking the train and walking miles around London with some absolutely amazing people I met while abroad became life-changing and an experience I'll never forget.

Kaitlyn McCormack

National Univ. of Ireland, Galway (NUI Galway)

Galway Ireland is a beautiful place with music, art, little coffee shops and restaurants, as well as amazing scenery around every corner you turn. Everyone in the city is very welcoming and willing to teach you about their culture and I met many new people and formed lots of lifelong friendships. With Ireland being such a small country, it is easy to travel around whether it be Dublin, Belfast, or literally anywhere else, with just with a bus ticket!  I could not have imagined a better place to study abroad than Galway.

Savanna Morris

UNCW @ Maynooth: A Fall Program for First Year Spring Admitted Students

Students will find that this experience will mature and humble them as they grow into a more culturally enhanced citizen. This will change their perspective on the surrounding communities they encounter and allow for more critical thinking. Students should want to study abroad to learn aspects that are unimaginable otherwise! My trip to the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge was definitely one of my favorite trips I took in Ireland!

David Williams

Spring Break in the UK with Crimonology


Katheryn Haas

Intensive Language Study in Bonn and Bremen -Summer

People should study abroad in Germany because not only is it a beautiful country, but it also has a big opportunity to learn about American history. Germany is a great place to learn about World War II and the Cold War. I also think Germany is an amazing place to visit because it is centrally located in Europe, so there are lots of opportunities to travel elsewhere.  My favorite experience while in my host country was visiting Berlin. Berlin embraces the history of World War II and while I was in Berlin I got to experience a tour of a concentration camp. Visiting a camp was one of the things I wanted to visit Germany to do, and it is an unreal feeling that I got to do it.

Katharina Pupacz

German International Student - Bremen

Czech Republic

Lucy Krueger

ISEP in Czech Republic - Masaryk University, Brno, ISEP Exchange

Studying abroad in the Czech Republic, in Brno, brings you a unique experience as a university town, community and really special culture. Czech Republic's proximity to almost everywhere in Europe, allows easy access and travels to other towns and countries. My favorite experience was visiting the Prague castle, and seeing the size and architecture of the castle was breathtaking and something I will never forget.


Marissa Garrow

UNCW In Italy - Academic Year

Living in the Bay of Naples, Italy for seven months is fantastic in and of itself, but when I got to go scuba diving in Marina Grande, while learning about different organisms, was like something out of a storybook. Being immersed in another culture is a steppingstone to understanding the world around you. Studying abroad gave me lasting friendships and the confidence that I never knew I had.

Alyssa Henyecz

UNCW In Italy - Summer

Studying abroad in Italy was an eye-opening experience. I stayed in an apartment in the small coastal city of Sorrento. Living in Sorrento I was able to see both the tourist side of Italy and the family focused environment that Italian culture is known for. Italy has so many different cultures and customs depending on where you are in the country. Living in Italy myself I realized that the U.S. has very much so Americanized Italian culture and it was very humbling to see real Italian culture. I felt welcomed at all places I went to and even made friends with local storeowners who helped myself and my roommates in navigating our way in a new country.


Austin Gronewald

Religion & Identity in Russia


Grace Elliott

ISA Valencia, Spain: Hispanic Studies - Summer

Valencia, Spain is a place that has so much to offer. You are surrounded by the rich history of downtown, museums around every corner, intricate architecture everywhere you walk, and of course, the beach strip surrounded by the marina and port. I think that students should travel abroad in Spain not only because of the rich history and tropical climate but because of the amazing travel opportunities. My decision to study abroad might be one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.

Rebecca Lepage

ISA Valencia, Spain: Hispanic Studies - Summer

I studied in Valencia, Spain and was able to explore other places in Spain, such as Barcelona, Madrid, and Peñiscola. Not only was I exposed to the history of all of these amazing cities, but I was emerged in the culture. One of my favorite experiences was cooking a traditional dish of paella at a local restaurant. After shopping at local farms & giving the items to the chef, my new friends and I were able to explore the beautiful waterfalls and then sit down and enjoy tapas and our delicious paella together. It was an experience that is truly unforgettable.

Logan Massengill

ISA Sevilla, Spain: International Studies, Business & Spanish Language - Academic Year/Semester

Spain is a wonderful country with amazing culture, warm people, beautiful cities & landscapes and easy access to travel to other countries. while abroad I had the ability to study and practice my Spanish with my host family and other students. The locals are patient and are excited that you are trying to learn and practice your Spanish and they like to practice their English too! I wouldn't  trade my experiences in Seville, Spain for anything.



Summer Owens

AIFS Study Abroad Traveling Program - Summer

I think everyone should study abroad! It truly is such a unique and once in a lifetime experience. You get to meet amazing people, get the chance to learn with many hands-on experiences, and not to mention all the cool places you get to explore, food you get to try, and activities you get to participate in. Studying abroad is a great way to get a break from a normal semester, and it made me have an even deeper appreciation for marine biology and other cultures. My favorite experience from studying abroad was when I was in Coral Bay, Western Australia for 10 days doing our field research on the Ningaloo Reef. On one of our free days, me and a few other students did a humpback whale tour. I not only got to see many adult and baby humpback whales migrating, but I also got to swim with 8 humpbacks.

Alyssa Thompson

Univ. of Newcastle

Australia is absolutely beautiful with a new surprise around every corner. I took a day trip to explore the city of Newcastle and found a memorial walkway right along the edge of the ocean that has stunning views and hidden beaches, along with a man-made ocean bath called "Bogey Hole". The wildlife is truly unique, and the people are incredible, welcoming, and kind. There is always something new to try and a group of others willing to go on the adventure with you. If you really want to get a better global perspective and have fun doing it, study abroad!

New Zealand

Hannah Hoskins

AIFS Study Abroad in Wellington: Semester

New Zealand is an incredibly welcoming, beautiful, sustainably conscious country that has unlimited opportunities to explore. If you love nature and hiking, New Zealand is one of the best places you can study abroad because the country has stunning mountain landscapes and incredible beaches. They have a super fun night scene as well and the locals are extremely friendly and you are bound to make many friends. No matter what you enjoy, New Zealand offers it all!


Makenna Judy

Semester at Sea: Spring Voyage

Semester at Sea is truly the experience of a lifetime. I got to see Da Nang, the city where my sister was born, and learn about the unique culture of Vietnam while traveling all across the country. I was able to learn and experience new cultures firsthand and got the chance to step outside my comfort zone in ways I could never have imagined. While my trip didn't go as planned due to the Pandemic, I wouldn't have changed the experience for the world because of the friends I met, relationships I made, and memories that will last me a lifetime.

Courtney Wilson

Semester at Sea

Through Semester at Sea, you develop a better intercultural identity while traveling to ten different countries and having personal experiences with the cultures you visit. My favorite aspect about Semester at Sea, was that our shipboard community became close and we cared about one another like a family, our Academic Dean knew the name of every student and faculty on board, despite that there was over 600 of us. My favorite experience in country was in India when I met, Mahz, a student from St. Theresa's College. We met at a welcome reception through Semester at Sea on the first day at port; where she taught me about her culture and in return, I shared a bit about mine.


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