Transportation & Accommodation 

Whether you’re traveling within your host country or to a new completely new destination, it’s always a good idea to plan ahead. Before making travel reservations, always check your options and know your priorities. We’ve found some helpful resourcesthat provide information on different types of accommodations as well as air, rail, and road travel.

  • Avoid These Airlines!: A list of airlines banned within the EU 
  • Railpass: Information about Eurail, Britrail, and various country rail passes. 
  • Mobility and Transport Abroad: Find out a specific country’s laws on speed limits, seat belts, and other specific transportation rules. 
  • Rail Europe: A single stop for European Rail Travel 
  • Seat 61: Resource for train travel throughout the UK, Ireland, and Europe.
  • Airfare Watchdog offers a great Q&A section with tips on finding the cheapest flights through online search engines.
    An on-line guide to using youth hostels. Provides a general overview of what youth hostels are and a searchable database of youth hostels around the world. Also has links to on-line travel stores for railpasses, backpacks, and guidebooks. 
    Another guide to hostels, with pictures and user reviews of each location. Provides direct contact information, as well as booking services through their website. 
  • Hostelling International
    International hostelling organization membership information. 
  • Student Universe
    Information on student airfares, railpasses, hostels, trips, travel guides and more. 
  • STA Travel
    Information on student airfares, railpasses, travel guides and more. 
    Information on affordable airfare, travel guides and more.