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The process of readjustment to life at home can sometimes be more difficult than the adjustment to life in a foreign country. Students are generally prepared for life abroad to be considerably different, but may expect the return home to be effortless. This period of readjustment is referred to as reverse culture shock. Reverse culture shock varies from student to student and can take many forms, but often is a result of the personal, emotional and intellectual growth they have experienced. They may return with new interests and tastes. They may have changed perspectives, ideas and attitudes toward the world. Most students return from being abroad, anxious and excited to share their experiences and stories with friends and family.  

Students are encouraged to find ways to incorporate their new interests and cross-cultural skills into their lives.

Consider becoming a Study Abroad Ambassador. Visit our Get Involved page for some of the opportunities available to returned students. Additionally, OIP periodically conducts international career panels and returnee workshops to incorporation of the education abroad experience, into one's resume, career aspirations, and job-seeking activities. OIP also manages a LinkedIn group for returnees to further connect for professional and personal development. Contact us for more details about these opportunities. 

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