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UNCW offers more than 1,000 education abroad opportunities. Use the search feature to investigate program options, review online program fliers, explore links to host university and program provider web sites, etc. Printed brochures and program catalogs from affiliated providers are also available at the Office of International Programs (OIP). 

Approved education abroad opportunities found in the program menu search feature above fall into three general categories of programs:

UNCW invites students seeking degrees at other schools to participate on select UNCW education abroad programs.

Finding a Program Not Listed Above

We trust that nearly all UNCW students can find an appropriate education abroad program through this extensive menu of options. However, as we want to encourage all students to study abroad, we recognize that some individuals may wish to study very particular topics, with an eminent scholar, need special services, or have other compelling reasons to study in a city, country or at a university with which UNCW has no pre-approved option. Therefore, we invite such students to petition for approval of their program choices.

Before petitioning for approval of any program not affiliated with UNCW:

Once you have attended an OIP Study Abroad Information Session, you may also make an appointment with OIP staff to discuss your options. In order to study abroad through UNCW and be eligible to receive transfer credit from an unaffiliated program abroad, students must complete this petition. If approved, you will then be responsible for completing a UNCW Education Abroad Application Packet. You may submit both the petition and application simultaneously or await approval of the petition, providing you allow ample time to complete the Education Abroad Application Packet by the corresponding UNCW deadline. Please note that you are also responsible for following the application process of the program provider/host university.

What is an Unaffiliated Program?

This includes any program that does not appear on the OIP menu of direct partner, consortium, or affiliated provider (AIFS, CIEE, ISA, USAC, or Semester at Sea) options, such as programs through other study abroad providers and options of direct enrollment in foreign universities.

Why must Unaffiliated Programs be approved?

OIP must endorse all study abroad participation by UNCW students to ensure the following:

  • students are aware of all program options and procedures;
  • the program host has appropriate academic offerings;
  • the program host sufficiently addresses issues of student safety and well-being;
  • the program host provides adequate services for visiting international students; and
  • to verify that credits earned abroad will be eligible for transfer to UNCW. This requires that credit be sent to UNCW on a transcript from an accredited, degree-granting institution.

How does one apply for UNCW approval on an unaffiliated education abroad program?

In order to petition for approval of an education abroad program not affiliated with UNCW, maintain enrollment and receive credit at UNCW, one needs to complete the "Unaffiliated Education Abroad Application Process." Commence doing so by going to the education abroad application portal found here. Log in, then you can access the correct program application checklist (called Unaffiliated Education Abroad) by selecting "Multi-country" in the Country Field and "Unaffiliated Education Abroad" in the Provider field. The "Unaffiliated Education Abroad" program you need to apply for will appear. Just select the term you will be abroad and a personalized application checklist will be created. Follow all steps and complete all requirements noted there. Let OIP know if you have any questions.