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One of our most cherished missions is to help our students immerse themselves fully during their stay in Paris. French is our preferred language of communication in everyday life with our students.

All students will be enrolled in 6 hours of French language study at Cours de Civilisation Francaise de la Sorbonne. In addition, the quality of your immersion and your linguistic progress will be monitored and assessed during individual interviews held every two weeks as a part of the "Engagement in Paris" course.

Engagement in Paris has 4 exciting and diverse options for students to choose from:


A - Sustainable Urbanism: Students will walk specific areas of Paris to learn how current environmental issues are impacting Parisians, and how they are working to be more environmentally friendly. Students will also explore urban structures and infrastructures related to health and hygiene, such as hospitals, cemeteries, and sanitation networks.

Urban Agriculture

B - The French Educational System: Students will work as an English Language teaching assistant in a French middle school. This option allows students to observe an English class taught at a French school by a French instructor, while also helping the instructor plan activities with the students in class. With this option, students will learn how the French Education System operates, European linguistics policies, intercultural teaching methods, and education specific programs in France.


C - Service Learning: Students volunteer with Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and help Paris face local and global issues. While volunteering with these organizations, students can learn about community services, the migrant crisis, generation gaps, awareness of disabilities, waste and recycling, and how food banks operate.

Urban Agriculture

D - Urban Agriculture: Students volunteer on a local Parisian farm for first-hand experience in sustainable food sourcing in an urban setting. With this option, students will take care of animals, participate in planting, trimming and composting, organize cultural and educational events, and help with communication and marketing on the farm.

Students will be given assignments chosen in accordance with the chosen option and personal goals and interests. Such assignments may include visits to current art exhibitions, conduction of surveys in Parisian neighborhoods, participation in cooking classes, artistic workshops conversational exchanges with locals and much more!

Course electives are offered in either a French Track or a Global Studies Track, allowing students to complete coursework for a French, general studies, or global studies majors or minors.