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In order to enrich the immersion experience, students have two options to live with hosts. Students can choose to live with hosts in either Central or Grand Paris. 

Host assignments in Grand Paris are finalized after student arrival in Paris, during orientation. Because each person is different, the resident director takes time to meet all participants individually to know their lifestyle and wishes about their French family. Based on that information, the director pairs students and families, some of which have been welcoming students of the program for many years. The families typicaly live in houses within Grand Paris, approximately 40-55 minutes or so from the program office and classroom.

The families vary in size and personality. While a few are older couples whose children no longer live at home or single woman, most are families with children still at home. A few live in apartments, most live in houses with gardens. Families provide breakfast and two evening meals per week; all family placements have access to the Internet. Living and interacting with the host family provides opportunities to communicate in French and increases access to daily life and culture in France.

Central Paris host assisgnments are made by a professional agency and are located approximately 15 minutes to 45 minutes from the program office and classroom. Hosts typically live in apartments, are generally over 50 years without younger children or pets in the home. Students will have his/her own room with shared bathroom. 

Students who would like an alternative to a homestay can choose to live in a Foyer, a typical French hall of residence.  The Foyer offers a cafeteria, single rooms and the opportunity to meet local French students. Spaces are limited and placements are made on a first-come, first-served basis.