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During a typical semester, students have 3 accommodation options to choose from: a homestay in Central Paris, a homestay in Grand Paris, or a French Foyer.

Central Paris Homestay

In Central Paris, hosts typically live in apartments, with a few of them living in houses on the outskirts of Paris. These residences are less than 10 minutes from a public transportation stop or station (metro, bus, tramway, RER) and are part of Zones 1 and 2 of the subway network, with up to a 45 minute commute to Luxembourg Station, right by the FIE Office . Students who choose this homestay may have their own room, but will share a bathroom with their host. Many of the hosts are older without children living at home and will rarely have pets. 

Pros of living in Central Paris: quick access to shops and services of a city, and enjoying late nightlife without transportation worries.

Cons of living in Central Paris: everything is more expensive and the living space is much smaller.

Grand Paris Homestay

Students who choose to live in Grand Paris are in a near-Paris suburb. The hosts live less than 10 minutes from a public transportation stop or station (tramway, train), with up to a 55 minute commute to Luxembourg Station, right by the FIE Office. All of the hosts live in the west suburbs of Reuil-Malmaison, Colombes, La Garennes-Colombes and Asinères. These hosts live in spacious houses, where many students will have their own room and bathroom. Hosts tend to be families with children who may also have pets, but there are also some older hosts without children. This option also allows students to enjoy the beauty of France, seeing more parks and greenery during their time abroad. 

Pros of living in Grand Paris: living in a spacious house, taking a step back from city life and enjoying an authentic experience, since many Parisians live in Grand Paris.

Cons of living in Grand Paris: longer transit times, students who choose to participate in late nightlife should note that trains stop between 12:30 AM and 2:30 AM. 


Students who choose to live in a Foyer, a type of residence hall, will live with French adults whose ages range from 18-25 years old. Residents are commonly French, but there may be other international students as well. These residences are not associated with any particular university, residents may be participating in internships or starting their professional career. These residences typically have a cafeteria and provide breakfast and dinner. NC in Paris has a partnership with 3 of these foyers, and students who choose this option are accommodated at Didor (14ème), Charonne (11ème) or Les Amandiers (20ème). Some common features at foyers include: individual rooms with private bathrooms, a lounge with sofas and television, a shared kitchen and a laundry room (detergent not included). Please note that this option does not currently offer Wi-Fi and spaces are limited.  Click here for more information on Foyers