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Brinn McNutt
UNC Wilmington
Spring 2019

Living in Paris was an experience unlike anything I had ever done before. It was especially unique because of my connection and admiration for the French language. The museums, gardens, restaurants and people of Paris made studying abroad so fun. Every day was a new adventure, sometimes a bit challenging to not be completely fluent in French, but very rewarding. I loved living with my host family, it made Paris feel like home almost immediately and allowed me to really integrate into French culture rather smoothly. They made Paris feel like home.

Meosha Lewis
UNC Wilmington
Spring 2018

One cannot help but fall in love with life itself when studying abroad in my host country. Paris, France touched my heart with its culture, food, people, and environment that all converged together into a beautiful city with history on every corner but my favorite experience is the memory of working with the native Parisian middle school students to help teach them English. I remember the joy on the faces of the children, and how brightly they shined when I walked into the room and they readied themselves for what was being taught. The experience of living in a foreign country develops a sense of responsibility for life but not just yours but others around the globe. France became my second home and I will always remember my time there.

Danielle Nelson
Danielle Nelson
UNC Wilmington
Spring 2017

I think the most beneficial part about this program was the host families! You get totally immersed in the language and they help you every day. I learned how to use the metro and the trains and do things on my own in Paris. There's so much to do all the time I didn't ever want to sleep! Studying abroad is important because it changes your entire view on life. I thought I knew what I wanted to do with my life before I went, but after going I was opened up to so many different opportunities and connections through people I met halfway across the world.