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This program offers carefully selected and vetted Maynooth courses that will transfer back to UNCW and count toward graduation. Students will enroll in a full time load of classes (12-15 UNCW credit hours). All students will enroll in the same core course, as well as three or four additional courses at Maynooth.

Registration for classes:

Registration for classes at Maynooth University is a little different than at UNCW. Do not worry, a UNCW staff member and staff from Maynooth will be there to guide you.

First you will meet with UNCW staff members to discuss course availability, and what might work best for your major/minor at UNCW. Since some of the courses that you may wish to take may not be available or may conflict with another class time, we will work closely with you to ensure you have a few back-up course options as well. In Maynooth, the class schedule can vary by class, meaning that one day it might meet on Monday at 10 AM and then could meet on Thursday at 4 PM in the same week (compared to our US style of classes being offered on Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Tuesday, Thursday).

The class registration for this program will happen shortly before your arrival in Ireland.

Available courses:

Required course: Food and Culture

This course will not make you a better cook or a more accomplished food connoisseur. It does not serve as a guide for healthy eating either. To reduce food to mere nourishment and physical survival is to impoverish our human life to its bare animality.  We all need to eat in order to survive, but food is more than that- in all societies. Food can be seen as a prime symbolic vehicle through which we construct our world, spin our subjectivity and mark boundaries between social classes, regions, nations, cultures, occupations, genders, etc. The mission of this course is to explore the connectivity of food and culture. This will transfer back as ANT 001 (for four credit hours) and will fulfill the Living in a Global Society requirement of University Studies.

Additional courses

Please refer to the UNCW @ Maynooth Course Availability document for course offerings that have been evaluated by UNCW from Maynooth University. This document will continuely be updated as we work on equivalencies for the Fall semester, but the current courses listed are ones that we know will transfer back based on previous student coursework. Many courses will transfer back as University Studies or major courses, while others might transfer to UNCW as electives (001 course number) towards graduation. If you choose to register for a class not on this list, we cannot guarantee that it will transfer.