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Pudong Airport


If you are arriving at Pudong International Airport, you will first go through immigration to show your passport/visa admission documents etc. You will then move downstairs to baggage claim to collect your baggage.  Downstairs, you will need to change some money for a taxi to get to the University (taxis only take cash). There is a money changing station near the escalator.   U.S. cash is easiest to exchange and some students may choose to bring RMB with them from the U.S.

A taxi ride costs around RMB 180 before 22:00 and RMB 230 after 22:00. The ride is about 50 minutes.

Alternate transportation options can be found at:

If the money exchange is closed when you arrive, there are ATM’s inside the airport.  Make sure you have notified your banks/credit card companies that you will be traveling, otherwise they will lock access to your funding.  Traveling with enough cash to get you through the first couple of days ($100 -$200) can be a good idea in case ATM’s are not operable, etc. 

After baggage claim, you will proceed to the exit/customs and then straight through to a very large group of people waiting for passengers.  This crowd can be a bit overwhelming, but if you decide to take a taxi to Fudan, ignore all of the people approaching you to offer taxi services (they will charge quite a bit more than a traditional taxi).  Go outside and to the far right just outside of Exit 15 to the legitimate taxi stand. There will still be a lot of people asking you if you need a taxi. Waive them off and get in line. The taxi manager will put you in a metered taxi. Do make sure that the driver starts the meter at the beginning of your destination.

If you are in need of assistance, there is a “help desk” outside of the baggage claim area. Just look for the big question mark.  The desk attendants can answer basic questions but English ability may be limited.

It is a good idea to enlarge and print your destination to take with you for the taxi driver:

International Students Dormitory at Handan Campus Address: “复旦大学留 学生公寓, 杨浦区, 武东路57号” (57 Wudong Road)

You may want to connect with your fellow students attending Fudan for the same term to share a ride to campus.  It is a great way to save money and get to know someone.