Diversity Resources


The Office of International Programs recognizes that one’s identity and sexual orientation may be important factors to consider when exploring program options and preparing for a positive experience abroad. We wish to support you in this endeavor and hope this information will provide helpful guidance. 

Race and Ethnic Issues Abroad

The Office of International Programs is dedicated to promoting diversity in education abroad.  We also recognize that issues of race and ethnicity may impact a student’s experience here and abroad.  One’s personal expectations along with the host country’s cultural and social attitudes toward these issues are important considerations when preparing to study abroad. We hope students can use these resources to make their experience abroad a positive and successful one. Read about Race and Ethnicity Abroad.(PDF)

Disabilities and Study Abroad

Studying abroad is an amazing experience. To truly get the full experience, it is important to know what accommodations will be necessary to make you feel at home in your location. It is also important to be aware that there might be different cultural attitudes towards a disability and different types of accommodations. Understanding your needs and potential situations will help you prepare for your exciting journey and ensure you experience a safe and fun adventure. Read through these resources (PDF) for guidance.