Fellowship Travel International (FTI):

A Resource for Faculty-led Programs

UNCW has partnered with FTI, a full-service travel agency that has offered international air & land arrangements for more than 30 years. We encourage you to contact FTI early to determine how they may support your program travel and logistics.

FTI has an online portal specifically for UNCW faculty-led programmers.

Click here for a 1-page overview of FTI's services.

They specialize in partnering with faculty members to create study abroad, service-learning and research-based trips. Their relationships with in-country vendors give them the ability to craft custom itineraries designed around the school's curriculum. Thus, students and faculty can take advantage of unique experiences relevant to their coursework.

In the past year alone, they've served approximately 200 collegiate clients (both individual institutions and consortiums). So, they are familiar with the specific needs associated with this type of travel, including: safety and security, itineraries, and meeting a professor's expectations for his or her course. The diverse staff also brings extensive personal knowledge of countries around the globe. They've traveled to 148 countries & speak a dozen foreign languages. In fact, twenty-five percent of FTI's associates were born or lived abroad.