Residence Hall Association


What are HawkBills?

HawkBills are UNCW Housing and Residence Life students' currency given to students throughout the year. The HawkBills come in amounts of 25 to 50. This is not real money, but it really can get you something!

Where do I use my Hawk Bills?

At the end of the Spring semester, students who have collected HawkBills throughout the year are invited to RHA's HawkBill Auction. At the auction, students bid with their HawkBills on prizes ranging from Eno hammocks, TV's, bikes, longboards, and GoPros! You could win any of these items just by attending programs throughout the year and coming to the HawkBill Auction!

How do I get Hawk Bills?

Attending RHA General Body Meetings 50
Attending Area Council Meetings 40
Attending Programs OUTSIDE your area 30
Attending Programs IN your area 25