Housing & Residence Life


What We Can Recycle:

  • Metal: Aluminum, tin, and steel cans
  • Plastics: 1, 2, 5, 7 (includes plastic bags)
  • 1: Soft drink bottles, peanut butter jars
  • 2: Milk jugs, butter tubs, detergent bottles, motor oil bottles
  • 5: Yogurt containers, straws, pancake syrup bottles, bottle caps
  • 7: Squeeze ketchup bottles, microwavable dishes
  • Glass Containers: All colors
  • Paper: cereal, cracker, soda boxes (please flatten/break down), books, magazines, newspaper, anything that tears. This MUST not be placed in cardboard bins
  • Corrugated Cardboard: MUST break down/flatten box. Place in designated container OR if no container, slide behind other containers for ease of pick up
  • Shredded Paper (please keep bagged)
  • E-Cycle (only at the depot): Electronics and ANYTHING with a cord

What We Cannot Recycle:

  • Used tissues, paper towels, napkins
  • Broken glass (this can be dangerous)
  • Anything that has been contaminated by food oils
  • Recycle the clean part of a pizza box, throw away the greasy portion
  • Drink cartons (Orange juice) Currently can't be recycled in our program due to the multi-layers of different materials of these containers

Recycling Locations:

  • Belk: First floor vending area
  • Galloway: First floor lobby
  • Graham-Hewlett: First floor by laundry area on each side of connector
  • Honors Commons at Cornerstone: First floor Great Room next to lobby
  • Keystone House: First floor seminar room adjacent to lobby
  • Innovation House: First floor seminar room adjacent to lobby
  • Schwartz: First floor vending area
  • Seahawk Crossing: In the lobby of every building and beside the dumpsters
  • Seahawk Village: Beside the dumpsters
  • Seahawk Landing: Beside the dumpsters
  • University Suites: Behind the dumpster areas near Suite S and Suite O
  • Cardboard and plastic bottle recycling in front of the C-Store
  • Central Recycling Depot: Located on Lionfish Drive. Drive past Campus Police Station and the entrance to the warehouse.
  • The Recycling Depot is open to all University members and the public

Tips for Recycling:

  • Place items in the correct bin
  • Dispose of waste and gently rinse items
  • Waste as little water as possible
  • Feel free to leave like items bagged
  • You can recycle plastic shopping bags (prefer multiples are stuffed in a bag)
  • Try using reusable shopping bags to minimize environmental impact
  • MUST break down/flatten boxes and place in designated container