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What We Can Recycle:

  • Metals: Aluminum, tin, and steel cans.  Aluminum foil and containers.
  • Plastics:
    • #1 - bottles, berry containers, lettuce boxes, peanut butter containers
    • #2 - detergent bottles, milk jugs, butter tubs, some food containers
    • #4 - plastic grocery bags, tortilla bags, bread bags, carrot bags
    • #5 - yogurt cups, some food containers, take out containers, drink cups and lids, straws
    • #6 - expanded polystyrene or styrofoam
  • Glass Containers: All colors
  • Paper: broth, coconut water, cereal, cracker, soda boxes (please flatten/break down), OJ cartons, books, magazines, newspaper, anything that tears. This MUST not be placed in cardboard bins
  • Corrugated Cardboard: MUST break down/flatten box. Place in designated container OR if no container, slide behind other containers for ease of pick up. Trash pizza boxes if greasy or cheesy.
  • Electronics (bring to recycling facility or FUU): Items that require power (electricity or battery driven), batteries, printer cartridges

What We Cannot Recycle:

  • Used tissues and paper towels
  • Broken glass (this can be dangerous)
  • Anything that has been contaminated by food oils
  • Recycle the clean part of a pizza box, throw away the greasy portion
  • Compostable products such as coffee cups, plates, to-go containers, plasticware

Recycling Locations:

  • Belk: First floor vending area
  • Graham-Hewlett: First floor by laundry area on each side of connector
  • Honors Commons at Cornerstone: First floor Great Room next to lobby
  • Keystone House: First floor seminar room adjacent to lobby
  • Innovation House: First floor seminar room adjacent to lobby
  • Schwartz: First floor vending area
  • Seahawk Crossing: In the lobby of every building and beside the dumpsters
  • Seahawk Village: Beside the dumpsters
  • Seahawk Landing: Beside the dumpsters
  • University Suites: Behind the dumpster areas near Suite S and Suite O
  • Cardboard and plastic bottle recycling in front of the C-Store
  • Central Recycling Depot: Located on Lionfish Drive. Drive past Campus Police Station and the entrance to the warehouse.
  • The Recycling Depot is open to all University members and the public

Tips for Recycling:

  • Separate materials into appropriate containers
  • Clean out the containers the best you can - rinsed and dry
  • Break down and flatten any boxes
  • Compostable food service materials are not recyclable
  • Email recycle@uncw.edu with any recycling questions