Housing & Residence Life

Housing and Residence Life Accessibility Options

Housing & Residence Life is committed to providing housing accommodations that meet the needs of all students. Below you will find some common accommodations made.  Please note that this is not an exhaustive list as accommodations are made based on Disability Resource Center approval and the unique needs of the student. For more information about accommodations, please click here to visit our Disability Resource Center.

Requesting Housing and Residence Life Accommodations

All students may ask for housing considerations. However, students with disabilities living in UNCW residential buildings who need an accommodation in order to have equal access to the housing environment must make their requests known well in advance of their planned move-in date to ensure needs can be appropriately met (see HRL’s Campus Living Handbook). Housing accommodations for students with documented disabilities are determined based on the need for equal opportunity, and not based on a perceived “benefit” to the student.

Requests for disability-related accommodations must be initiated with the Disability Resource Center using the Accommodation Request form and will require appropriate documentation. Requests made after posted HRL timelines may result in delays to accommodations being available.

Please note: disability-status does not impact one’s position in the queue (i.e., waitlist); however, should a housing assignment be granted, appropriate accommodations will be addressed. Students currently waiting for on-campus assignments are encouraged to submit Accommodation Request forms while waiting, as this may help expedite necessary adjustments to the room or facility.

Please review the DRC Website regarding accommodations for more information.

Housing Accommodation Examples:

  • Lower key holes
  • Roll-in shower
  • Front loading washer and dryer
  • Braille on signs throughout Residence Halls
  • Handrails
  • Automatic door openers
  • Flashing lights on wall (in case of emergency)
  • Accessible Kitchen
    • sink
    • oven
    • stove
    • lower counter tops