National Residence Hall Honorary

Tips For Writing a Successful OTM

1. Be Knowledgeable

Before you begin writing your OTM make sure you know the 5 W's: Who, What, When, Where, Why. If it is about an individual make sure you have a lot of details so you can write a well rounded OTM.

2. Make Sure it is Month Specific

The "M" in OTM stands for Month, so make sure your OTM focuses on the impact an individual or program has made during a specific month. It is always important to use specific examples about something, and avoid generalizations.

3. Spell Check

Always double check your work. Write your OTM in a Word document before submitting it so you can double check your spelling and grammar. You may be writing about the best program ever but if it is not well written it may not win.

4. Check Your Word Count

There are times when you can write and write about an individual's accomplishments but there is a word count set for a reason. Be sure that your OTM comes in under the word count. It is also important to make sure your OTM is a close to the word count a possible to really highlight an individual or group's achievements.

5. Make it Fun

OTMs do not have to be boring. Add anecdotes, quotes, or funny sayings to help make your OTM fun and interesting to read. Remember if you are enjoying writing it others will enjoy reading it.

Good OTM Words: Asset, Community, Contribution, Deliver, Deserving, Development, Encourage, Engage, Enhance, Impressive, Positive, Resource, and Valuable.

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