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Drop-Off & Move-In 2020 

Welcome Seahawks!  We are excited that you will soon be living with us on campus for the 2020–2021 academic year. We have worked hard this summer to plan a UNCW Move-In that is flexible for residents, minimizes the work to move in, and maximizes your safety.  To have a successful transition to your new home at UNCW, we encourage you to read all the information posted below.  If you have any questions regarding Move-In 2020, please contact Housing and Residence Life at (910) 962-3241 or e-mail us at housing@uncw.edu.  Also stay tuned to our UNCW HRL Instagram account at @UNCWHRL where we will post important information to help you get settled into your new home away from home!

Two Phases: Drop-Off & Move-In:

To ensure maximum flexibility and reduce the number of people moving in at once, we stretched our process across 16 days and two phases: Drop-Off and Move-In.  “ Drop-off” allows residents to schedule a day/time to move their belongings in early, return home to enjoy the rest of their summer, and come to campus up to three days before classes start (on or after Sunday, August 16).  Alternatively, residents that need to make only one trip can arrive during the “ Move-In” phase, which will allow students to schedule a day/time to check-in, move their belongings in and begin living on campus. Students will only pick one time slot during one of the two phases.

Move-In Check-In Locations


Process Details

Time Period

Time Period

Phase 1:


Residents drop off belongings during requested time slot, arrange their room and return home


Drop-Off residents return to campus to live


Friday, July 31 to Sunday, Aug. 9   (Note: Pelican & Sandpiper begins Aug. 5)


Sunday, Aug. 16 to Tuesday, Aug. 18

10 A.M. to 6 P.M.


Return as convenient on or after Aug. 16

Phase 2:



Residents move-in and start living on campus during their requested time slot


Thursday, Aug. 13 to Tuesday, Aug. 18

10 A.M. to 6 P.M.

Check-In Locations:

During Drop-Off and Move-In days, students can check in from 10:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M (NOTE: during “Drop-Off” residence hall access will end at 8:00 P.M.). Determine your Check-In location based on your assigned residence hall using the chart below.  At the start of July, you will receive an email to sign up for a day/time so using your area’s Check-In Time Request link ( links will post early July).  You will also find a link for a navigational map that suggests how to drive through campus, where you should park for unloading, where you will check-in, where you should park your car immediately after your car is empty and where you can take your trash and recycling ( maps will post mid-July).  Consider printing this map before you depart or downloading to your phone prior to your arrival.

Click here to download our Welcome Letter! (PDF)

Click here to download our safety memo from EH&S (PDF)

Phase 1 and Phase 2 Move-In Information

Assigned Residence Hall

Check-In Location

Check-In Time Request

Navigational Map

Belk Hall

Belk Lobby

Sign up here!

For map click here! (PDF)

Cornerstone Hall

Cornerstone Lobby

  Sign up here!

  For map click here!(PDF)

Graham & Hewlett

G-H Connector Lobby

  Sign up here!

  For map click here!(PDF)

Keystone House

Cornerstone Lobby

  Sign up here!

  For map click here!(PDF)

Pelican Hall

Pelican Lobby

  Sign up here!

For map click here!(PDF)

Sandpiper Hall

Sandpiper Lobby

  Sign up here!

For map click here!(PDF)

Schwartz Hall

Schwartz Lobby

  Sign up here!

  For map click here!(PDF)

Lot T is closed 8/13 and 8/14

Seahawk Crossing

Crossing 2 Multi-Purpose Room

  Sign up here!

  For map click here!(PDF)

Seahawk Landing

Village Clubhouse

  Sign up here!

  For map click here!(PDF)

Seahawk Village

Village Clubhouse

Sign up here!

  For map click here!(PDF)

University Suites

Schwartz Lobby

Sign up here!

  For map click here!(PDF)

Lot T is closed 8/13 and 8/14

Drop-Off and Move-In Expectations:

When making your Drop-Off or Move-In plans, please consider the following expectations:

  • You must sign up for a date/time to check-in. Consider signing up early as there will be limited time slots per hour and, when they are filled, you will need to select a different time.  You should plan to arrive during your requested date/time.  Failing to schedule a time or arriving on a different day than requested will result in not being allowed to check-in.
  • We request that you limit help to 1-2 additional people.
  • We request that you bring only one carload of items. We will not permit trailers or U-Haul vehicles .
  • We encourage the use of our large, rolling moving bins but please ensure you return them to the desk after use.
  • Please limit elevator travel to yourself or members of your group. In addition, please observe any stairs marked as “one-way”, even if it requires additional walking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check-In Sign-up:

Can I sign up to check-in under any calendar?

Residents must sign up for the calendar associated with their assigned check-in location.
Because each area has different limits per hour you must sign up for your area’s check-in. Your area will not check you in if you are signed up on another area’s calendar. Therefore, it is vitally important you sign up for the right calendar and, if you change rooms, that you change your signup.

If I signed up for a time and need to change it, what do I do?

The sign-up system will allow you to delete your time and sign up for a new check-in time. Unfortunately we cannot transfer your appointment but each resident is capable of changing their appointment time.

What should I do if I signed up for a time but got a new room assignment due to Wish List request?

If you moved within the same area, no change is needed.
If you moved to an area with a different check-in, please delete your old check-in and sign up for a new one in your new area.
Welcome Packet for Move-In 2020

Mid-to-late July we mailed all residents a welcome packet with information for your arrival.  We understand there are occasions mail does not arrive as intended so we are sending a digital copy of the mailing content via email.  We are also including the materials here should it be helpful to you.

Click here to download our Welcome Letter! (PDF)  

Click here to download our safety memo from EH&S (PDF)  


Drop-Off Related Questions:

I live in another state and can only make one trip – Can I come during the drop off times and stay?

Drop-Off allows residents that can return home the ability to come early to drop off their belongings. The buildings close at 8 p.m. and no one can remain after that time. The earliest someone can move-in and start living on campus is Thursday, August 13.

Do I only get one hour to drop-off or move-in? 

Residents are only allowed to park in the unloading zone during their 1 hour time slot.  Due to the limited number of students arriving and the availability of large, rolling bins everyone should have the ability to unload their vehicle within that hour.  While you must park in the unloading zone for an hour or less, you are welcome to move your car outside of the unloading zone to continue to unpack your boxes and arrange your room.

Will Drop-Off students have time to setup their room? 

While you must park in the unloading zone for an hour or less, you are welcome to move your car and return to arrange your room provided you are out of the building before 8:00 p.m.

If I drop off my belongings, will I have access to them before the 16th?

No, although those in a severe emergency can outreach to their RC for assistance.

Do I need to sign up for a return time after dropping my belongings off? 

Students can return to campus at their convenience provided it is on or after Sunday, August 16. 

Move-In Related Questions:

I am bringing my car to campus and my parents are helping me move in…can I bring both cars on move in day?

Yes, you can bring two cars to campus but please only park one in the unloading zone and the other car in the parking area indicated on your Navigating Campus Move-In Map found on our website in late July.

I work on campus and am supposed to start earlier than the move-in dates…who should I talk to?

We coordinate special student worker move-in needs with the employing department so please outreach to your supervisor. When an office provides us a list of their workers that need special accommodation, we will outreach to the student. We will not work individually with a student.


How can residents support a safe Drop-Off and Move-In?

Residents must sign-up for a date/time to check-in.  Residents should limit their help to 1-2 additional people.  Residents and helpers should conduct a health screening before departing for UNCW (see General Frequently Asked Questions at   http://www.uncw.edu/bestnest/faqs.html). When outside of your assigned space, you and your help should wear a face covering.

How will HRL staff support a safe Drop-Off and Move-In?

Staff will follow daily health screening before reporting to work.  Staff will wear a face mask while working in non-private spaces.  Staff will observe physical distancing guidelines

Will HRL-provided rolling bins and will they be cleaned between uses?  

Yes, staff will wipe down the top of the rolling bins when returned.  We appreciate the timely return of the rolling bins so we can clean them and because we will not have staff to go find them.

What other physical steps will taken?

All of our transactional spaces (desks) will have plexiglass shields.  We will also have signage indicating appropriate social distancing and appropriate use of the stairs and elevators.  We will have regular cleanings of the lobby and common spaces.

General Questions:

What do I do with University furniture in the room that I do not want?

All furniture found in the room upon your arrival must remain in the room. We do not have room to store specific items and residents are not allowed to take the item out of the room. Often residents will creatively hide items, like additional bed frames, so consider asking your RA for tips.

My requested roommate and I submitted a wish list request to live together because we are in two different buildings – How do we sign up for move in if we don’t know which building we will end up in?

Because check-in times are on a first come, first serve basis, we suggest you sign up for a time assuming no change occurs. Should you be moved, then you can delete your old appointment and sign up for a new appointment in your new area.

Will there be someone there to help me set up bed rails or loft my bed?

At this time we do not anticipate having a lot of additional staff present to help during the Drop-Off and Move-In period.

What offices will be open when we visit?   

If you arrive during normal business hours it is possible many offices will be open to assist you.  We encourage you to check each office’s website for their hours of operations.