Housing & Residence Life

Thank you for taking the time and interest in becoming a Residence Coordinator at UNCW! Below you will find information about the Residence Coordinator process Recruitment Process.

Recruitment Process Timeline:

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RC Position Description and Responsibilities

The University of North Carolina Wilmington is a rapidly growing campus with an enrollment of approximately 12,000 students. The campus is located five miles from the Atlantic Ocean in southeastern North Carolina. Beginning in the Fall of 2009, the Department of Housing and Residence Life began housing approximately 4200 residents in eight traditional residence halls, 11 suite style buildings, and 26 apartment style buildings. The University of North Carolina Wilmington is committed to equal employment opportunity and is an affirmative action employer. Criminal background checks are conducted on finalists for positions prior to offers of employment.

The Residence Coordinator (RC) is directly reports to the Associate Director of Residence Life. The Residence Coordinator provides direction and supervision of the day to day operations for a specific residence hall or area. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following: Resident Assistant staff selection and training, supervision of a Graduate Assistant, fiscal management, programming, administration, student organization advising, campus emergency coverage and crisis response, and counseling. As a campus conduct officer, the Residence Coordinator enforces university policy and adjudicates and sanctions student discipline. It is the role of the Residence Coordinator to work actively with staff and students to promote a positive community environment. The Residence Coordinator will also serve on and chair departmental committees to enhance their professional development and the development of the residence hall staff and students. As a live-in staff member, the Residence Coordinator is required to serve on campus coverage crisis response, which rotates on a weekly basis. For additional information please click on the links below:

  • Supervision and Staff Development
    • Supervise 8-13 Resident Assistants, an Assistant Residence Coordinator, 20-30 Desk Assistants, and other assigned student workers
    • Serve as a member of departmental selection committees by recruiting, interviewing, and hiring above types of employees.
    • Evaluate Resident Assistant performance and provide positive and constructive feedback through regular one-on-one meetings and by conducting formal evaluation processes during the year.
    • Keep written documentation used for rehiring, terminating, and writing future recommendations for staff members.
    • Assist in planning and implementing campus wide staff training initiatives including RA Training Week in the fall, on-going fall semester continuing education, one-day Winter Training workshop at the beginning of spring semester, and spring new hire training.
  • Administrative and Business Functions
    • Assist the Associate Director in planning, implementing, and evaluating all policy decisions affecting the Residence Life program. In addition, assist the Associate Director in development of long-range plans and objectives for the Residence Life area.
    • Plan and conduct weekly RA staff meetings for the purposes of distributing information, training, planning, support, accountability, and evaluation of performance.
    • Serve as the primary fiscal manager for area RA programming, staff development, Area Chapter, and departmental special program budgets between $3,000 - $35,000.
    • Assist the Associate Director in yearly development of operating budget for the Residence Life area.
  • Community Development
    • Assist students in adjusting to the residence hall/area and university communities.
    • Strive to establish, develop, and maintain relationships with individual residents in the hall/area. Work with students and staff to maintain the rights and privacy of all residents.
    • Teach responsibility for one's actions and consideration of others in group living situations through formal and informal one-on-one interactions, floor meetings, and program attendance.
    • Eat regularly in the dining hall and provide feedback about Food Services to Food Services personnel and the Director of Auxiliary Services.
    • Be knowledgeable of all academic support resources and refer students to appropriate offices for consultation.
    • Encourage and support students in their involvement in hall/area programming, campus activities, and athletic endeavors.
  • Student Conduct
    • Serve as a Conduct Officer in the Office of the Dean of Students (ODOS) with the ability to administer educational and status sanctions. Attend Campus Conduct Board Hearings as scheduled.
    • Confront individual or group violations of university policy and document situations as appropriate.
    • Review incident reports and submit to the Dean of Students Office in a timely manner. Conduct inquiries, investigations, and follow-up on discipline cases.
    • Take an active role in mediating and settling individual and community disputes.
    • Act as a referral agent for residents by utilizing appropriate university and community resources.
  • Crisis Management and Duty Coverage
    • Respond to area crises on a daily basis, and inform colleagues of situations as necessary.
    • Follow departmental and university protocol regarding crisis situations including suicide gestures/attempts, sexual assault, severe intoxication, drug usage, safety and security issues.
    • Serve specific duty hours as the on-call staff member on a rotating basis.
    • Respond to all crisis management calls during duty hours serving as a primary resource and decision maker for staff.
    • Maintain strong relationships with University Police and Counseling Center staff.
  • Programming and Hall Government Advising
    • Coordinate hall/area programming efforts using the Cornerstone Programming Model, which focuses on community development, community education, and community involvement components.
    • Attend Resident Assistant and Area Chapter programs for support and evaluation.
    • Work with staff and students to attend and support programs and events sponsored by other Student Affairs offices and academic departments.
    • Assist in recruitment of potential student leaders and coordinate hall elections for Area Chapter officers. Assist hall officers with leadership development, program planning and implementation.
    • Attend Area Chapter executive board meetings, general council meetings, and program functions and encourage Area Chapter leaders to provide feedback to the Office of Housing and Residence Life.
  • Maintenance/Custodial
    • Serve as a liaison to maintenance and housekeeping staffs and communicate maintenance and housekeeping issues to the Associate Director for Operations for resolution.
    • Investigate and identify persons responsible for vandalism/damages to residential facilities and furnishings and monitor student/group billing situations.
    • Supervise Health and Safety Inspections each semester by providing guidelines, making judgments about room conditions, and coordinating follow-ups or referrals.
    • Conduct regular hall walks, including one per semester with the Associate Director for Operations, in order to detect and report facilities issues/concerns.
    • Make suggestions for improvements to the living areas and convey capital improvement concerns through daily feedback and by compiling wish lists.
  • Professional Commitments
    • Chair and serve on departmental committees as assigned by the Associate Director for Residence Life.
    • Participate during monthly professional development sessions.
    • Supervise Health and Safety Inspections each semester by providing guidelines, making judgments about room conditions, and coordinating follow-ups or referrals.
    • Conduct regular hall walks, including one per semester with the Associate Director for Operations, in order to detect and report facilities issues/concerns.
    • Make suggestions for improvements to the living areas and convey capital improvement concerns through daily feedback and by compiling wish lists.

Qualifications and Requirements

Minimum requirements are a four-year degree from an accredited college or university; Master's degree in Higher Education, Counseling, Student Personnel or related field is preferred. Residence Hall experience required. Salary Range: $27,713 - $31,750; 12-month appointment with furnished apartment, meal plan, and excellent fringe benefits. Starting date: TBD

Non-Discriminatory Statement

The Office of Housing & Residence Life Non-Discrimination Statement

The University of North Carolina at Wilmington is committed to and will provide equal educational and employment opportunity for all persons regardless of race, sex, age, color, gender, national origin, ethnicity, creed, religion, disability, sexual orientation, political affiliation, marital status, veteran status or relationship to other university constituents - except where sex, age or ability represent bona fide educational or occupational qualifications or where marital status is a statutorily established eligibility criterion for state-funded employee benefit programs. Questions regarding program access may be directed to the Compliance Officer, UNCW Chancellor's Office, 910.962.3000, Fax 910.962.3483.
UNCW residence halls allow all students the opportunity to become actively involved in campus life. The Office of Housing and Residence Life provides a variety of programs and activities in and around the residence halls to enhance students' total educational experience. All of the residence halls are accessible in that they have elevators and adapted restrooms. Further, entrances to all buildings are either ramp-accessible or located on the ground floor. The first floor of each residence hall has all the services that are available on higher-level floors to allow students with disabilities equal access to services. The Suites and University Apartments have some first-floor units that have been designed to accommodate students with disabilities. For further information, contact the Office of Housing and Residence Life at 910.962.3241.