Housing & Residence Life

Meet The Residence Hall Staff


Your Residence Coordinator (RC) is a full-time, master's degree live-in professional. These individuals are assigned to administer a specific residence hall or area, supervise a Graduate student (Assistant Residence Coordinator), multiple undergraduate students (Resident Assistants), coordinate educational, social, and recreational programs and enforce university policies. Each Residence Coordinator is also a campus conduct officer who adjudicates on-campus student discipline. In addition, they assist the Office of Housing and Residence Life by performing specific administrative duties. It is the responsibility of the Residence Coordinator to work actively with staff and students to promote a positive community environment. One of these professional staff members is on duty each day to respond to emergencies in the residential areas.


Your Assistant Residence Coordinator (ARC) is a current graduate student at UNCW. The ARC serves in a residential area and assists the Residence Coordinator by helping supervise the Resident Assistant staff. Additional responsibilities include desk staff supervision, staff training and development, Area Chapter advising, counseling, and crisis management.


The graduate assistant of Residence Life is a current graduate student at UNCW. Their responsibilities are to oversee all the recycling in the residential areas, student-staff supervision, staff training and development, advising, counseling, and crisis management.


One of the most helpful and resourceful persons that you will interact with is your Resident Assistant (RA). They are located in the traditional halls, the University Suites, the University Apartments, Seahawk Village, Seahawk Landing and Seahawk Crossing. The RA's are UNCW students of sophomore standing or above who have been selected for this leadership position. Each RA's individual responsibility is to provide leadership, assistance, and support to you and the other members of your floor or building. The RA is your primary resource for information and assistance with any type of concern.

A Resident Assistant is responsible for: (1) getting to know each person on the floor or in the assigned area, (2) familiarizing students with residence hall and university rules and regulations, (3) assisting with the enforcement of these rules and regulations, (4) helping residents to maintain an environment conducive to studying and learning, (5) acting as a liaison between residents and the Office of Housing and Residence Life, (6) facilitating student-to-student and student-to-staff interaction, (7) assisting in the development of educational and social programs and (8) serve a duty rotation in the evenings Sunday - Thursday from 5:00 p.m. until 8:00 a.m. and on the Friday and Saturday 24 hours.


A Desk Receptionist (DR) is the first staff member that you will interact with when entering a traditional residence hall. This student staff member works at one of the front desks in each of the traditional residence halls. The DR is responsible for answering the front desk telephone, signing in guests, issuing supplies and work as a resource. By maintaining an awareness of residents and others entering and leaving the building, the DR is also responsible for providing security in the hall. The DR will ask you to show a UNCW ID and may inspect your bags/backpacks as you enter the building. This is done for your safety and the safety of others living in the hall. Your cooperation with the requests of the DR is appreciated and required.