Housing & Residence Life



On-campus housing at UNCW began with a single residence hall in 1971 that housed 400 students. Today, the Office of Housing and Residence Life (HRL) manages 34 residential buildings that include traditional residence halls, residence suites, and apartments. Collectively, these buildings house more than 5,000 students, representing more than 35% of the undergraduate population. 

Housing and Residence Life manages more than 1.5m total square feet of univeristy space.  The department generates revenue in excess of $26 million each year, which represents 65% of the Division of Student Affairs' resources and helps support campus wide initiatives.  Students have the ability to stay on campus 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In order to meet the needs of a large residential population with a constant presence, HRL currently employs 30 full-time staff members, 8 graduate staff members, and approximately 60 contract workers along with 195 undergraduate student staff members. With close to 300 staff, more than 100 of them are residence life staff members who live in the residence halls and assist residents in numerous ways, ranging from mediating roommate disputes to assisting in emergencies.



HRL's mission goes beyond simply providing students with a place to sleep, and the department strives to appropriately challenge residents to develop to their full potential by supporting their educational growth and personal development. This is done in a variety of ways, including offering specialty housing, providing opportunities to serve in student government, and facilitating study at other institutions.

HRL offers students the ability to participate in the Residence Hall Association (RHA) which is the governing body for the on-campus student population. RHA holds weekly meetings where student concerns are addressed and programs are planned. RHA plans campus programming including large scale campus events and in-hall activities. RHA also hosts a campus visitation program for incoming first-year students. Students in RHA attend conferences each year which allow student housing leaders to share their experiences and network with representatives from other campuses.