Transfer Applicants

The Honors College at UNCW welcomes transfer students. We have two entry points for transfer students depending on the number of credit hours that a student will be bringing with them to UNCW.

Students may apply to the Honors College to take University Studies Honors sections and Honors seminars. In addition, students may apply to undertake Departmental Honors. To find out more about what best fits your interests, please write us at

If you are applying to the Honors College as a transfer student from another college or university, follow these steps to ensure a complete application:

  1. Read the section provided by UNCW Admissions for Transfer Applicants.
  2. Complete the UNCW Undergraduate Admissions Application using your SeaLevel account.
  3. Complete and submit the separate Honors College application, making sure to indicate on the paper or online application that you are a transfer student.
  4. Ask a professor at the school that you are currently attending to write you a letter of recommendation. It can be mailed to UNCW Honors or emailed to
  5. Please notewe can't act on your Honors application until UNCW has acted on your UNCW application. We will also need your final transcript from the school you are currently attending.
  6. If you are a member in good standing in an Honors program or college at the school you are currently attending, it would be helpful to have a letter of recommendation from your Honors director or dean. That can be emailed to honors as well.

The UNCW Honors College has Memos of Understanding with the Honors Programs at the schools below. Transfer applicants who participated in the Honors Program at these schools must still complete the UNCW Honors College application but we will be glad to facilitate this process!

southwesterncclogoDurham Tech

cfcclogo  Alamance Community College

Wayne Community College