Applying to the Honors College as a Transfer Student

The Honors College at UNCW welcomes transfer students.

Prospective students planning to transfer to UNCW from another institution should complete the main UNCW transfer application through CFNC.

Please note: in order to be considered for the Honors College, transfer students must apply by UNCW's posted priority deadlines.

Priority deadlines:

  • Summer - March 1
  • Fall - March 1
  • Spring - October 15 


Through CFNC

When you apply to UNCW through the College Foundation of North Carolina (CFNC), the menu looks like this: 

A screenshot of the CFNC menu

In the Campus Specific Information category, there are several yes/no questions with dropdown boxes. 

The third question in this category asks:

A screenshot of the CFNC website and the UNCW Honors application question

"Do you have an interest in applying to the UNCW Honors College? The Honors College provides small classes, creative coursework and high access to global learning, research opportunities, and unique programming. Please visit for more information."

Select YES. Then submit your UNCW application. 

Oops--I didn't select YES. Now what? (Click Here)

The Honors College cannot admit you until after the Office of Admissions has done so. Please hold inquiries about your Honors status until after you've received an acceptance from UNCW.

The Honors College will consider your UNCW application in full. We may also contact you to provide supplemental materials, such as...

  • A letter of recommendation
  • An additional short essay about your interest in the Honors College
  • An opportunity for you to creatively show us who you are with a submission of art, writing, videography, photography, performance, or any other passion/hobby/talent you may wish to share

Please feel free to email us at with any questions. 

Best Practices for Applying to Honors as a Transfer Student

  • Honors students must have a GPA of at least 3.3 when they have completed 27 credit hours at UNCW. After completing 58 credit hours, that GPA must be at least 3.5. Please consider your GPA when making the decision to apply to Honors.
  • Applying to the Honors College is usually only advisable for freshmen and sophomores. If you are a rising junior or senior, you may not have time to complete all of the requirements to graduate with full university honors. However, if you have a GPA of at least 3.2 for the credit hours completed at UNCW, you may consider completing a 6-credit-hour independent Departmental Honors project during your senior year to graduate with honors in your major.  
  • UNCW merit scholarships and Honors College scholarships are typically awarded on a rolling basis. Applying earlier will increase your eligibility to receive scholarships. (Please note: all Honors students are automatically considered for Honors scholarships; you do not have to fill out any additional applications.)

Memos of Understanding with Community College Honors Programs

The UNCW Honors College has Memos of Understanding with the honors programs at the schools below, and we will accept honors credit earned in these programs to count toward our own requirements. If you are a transfer student who previously attended one of the honors programs at these schools, and would like to join the Honors College at UNCW, please reach out directly at after receiving an acceptance from UNCW. 

Southwestern Community College Honors Program logoDurham Tech Logo

Cape Fear Community College Logo  Alamance Community College Honors Program logo

Wayne Community College Honors Program logo

Frequently Asked Questions

If I am accepted, will I have to move into honors housing?

No, you will stay in your current housing. You will just receive access to honors courses, programs, registration, etc.

What are honors courses like?

Honors class sizes are relatively small. In 2018-2019, the average size of HON classes was 17 students, with classes ranging from 5 to 20 students. This helps you develop close interactions with the faculty from your very first semester. Many are also interdisciplinary, giving students the opportunity to approach a topic from several different angles. Click here to see a listing of current Honors courses.

How many extra classes will I have to take?

Students who enter the Honors College after their first semester must take: 

  • (3) Honors University Studies courses (e.g. Honors ENG 103)
  • (2) HON 120 courses (1-credit-hour interdisciplinary seminar)
  • (1) HON 210 course (3-credit-hour interdisciplinary seminar)
  • 3 credit hours of honors electives
  • 6 credit hours of 499 in the major (e.g. BIO 499, SOC 499, EEL 499)

This is a total of 23 credit hours. However, 9 of those credit hours will overlap with your University Studies requirements--meaning they are classes you would have had to take anyway. Completing University Honors will then likely require only 14 additional hours on top of your existing course load. 

Click here for a worksheet that breaks down course requirements for transfer students and students who enter Honors after arriving at UNCW. 

Where is the office of the Honors College located?

We are located in Randall Library on the second floor, Suite 2006. Our mailing address is:

Honors College, 601 South College Road, Wilmington, NC 28403-5958