A Semester with Sarah Bischoff, Scholarship Recipient from UNCW Ofc of Univ Relations on Vimeo. Sarah Bischoff was an Honors College scholarship recipient.

Honors Merit Scholarships

We are able to award scholarships on the basis of merit to about half of our incoming honors students. We are fortunate that donors have made specific requests to have their scholarship dollars spent towards supporting our students. When you are accepted to both UNCW and the Honors College, you are automatically considered for competitive Honors College Merit Scholarships. For some of the major awards (e.g., Leutze, Watson, Silverman, Brown, Corbett, Porter, etc.) there is an additional application and interview. This is done in conjunction with our Wilmington Fellows interviews and you will be notified if you are eligible for this interview. 

We wish we could grant merit scholarships to 100% of our incredible students, but they are quite competitive. The awards may range from $500 a year to an award equivalent of in-state tuition and fees. Most Honors Merit Scholarship awards are for about $1000, renewable for three additional years as long as students are in good standing in the Honors College and make satisfactory annual progress toward graduating with University Honors.

University-Wide Scholarships

UNCW also has a general scholarship application, and we recommend that prospective students also submit that application.

Note: The UNCW scholarship application opens December 1 and closes March 1 each year; prospective students will need to submit their UNCW applications by the Early Action admissions deadline in order to receive an admissions decision early enough to apply for scholarships.

We also work with Admissions, as they offer Chancellor's Distinguished Merit Scholarships, and with the SOAR program through Financial Aid. In addition to the named Honors scholarships, we also have similar awards as unrestricted funds.

Upperclassman Scholarships

Even if Honors Scholars are not offered a scholarship the first year, they may be awarded a scholarship in later semesters based on Honors good standing and progress, plus GPA at UNCW. Students in Honors do not have to reapply for consideration for Honors Merit Scholarships.

Award Notification

For first-time Honors applicants, note that there are two separate letters sent from the Honors College for students who are accepted to the Honors College. First is a letter of acceptance. Second, if we have a merit scholarship to offer or if we can offer you a chance to interview for the major awards or Wilmington Fellows, we will send a second letter. These offers do not begin until late February and are offered on a rolling basis as funding allows. (Thus, the earlier you apply, the better your chances.) 

Other Scholarships and Financial Aid

There are other UNCW opportunities to apply for merit and need based scholarships via the Financial Aid site. Click on "scholarships" or read about loans and other opportunities. These require a separate application to the Financial Aid office. Note: these are annual applications.

Once students have declared a major, they may also be eligible to apply for scholarships in their major departments. Each department has a different procedure for application, so students are advised to discuss this with department leadership once they have successfully declared a major. Prospective students should also contact their high school guidance counselors for other financial aid and merit scholarship opportunities.

Students who maintain excellence in their courses, remain in good standing with honors requirements, and are active and engaged in the Honors College are reviewed each semester for scholarship monies that become available.

Scholarships Designated for Honors Scholars

Scholarships designated "Honors" are for students accepted into the UNCW Honors College. These scholarships are awarded on a merit basis to students in the Honors College. Some require an interview. Students must maintain good standing in Honors and be making progress toward graduation with University Honors to retain the award.

  • The James Leutze Scholarship. This award is open to North Carolina students and requires an interview. Recipients are designated "Leutze Scholars."
  • The Aaron and Elizabeth Silverman Scholarship Fund provides in-state tuition and fees scholarships to academically strong students in the Honors College. Scholastic achievement and graduation from an accredited North Carolina high school are the criteria. The scholarship can be awarded to a prospective student or to those students currently enrolled.
  • The Faculty Merit Scholarship. This award typically requires an interview. Recipients are designated "Faculty Scholars."
  • The Porter Honors Scholarship in Business. This award typically requires an interview. Students with an interest in pursuing a degree offered by the Cameron School of Business are eligible.
  • The Two Friends Scholarship. This award typically requires an interview.
  • The Kenneth Ray Sumner ITS Merit Scholarship was established by the Information Technology Systems Division at UNCW. This merit scholarship is available to students in the Honors College.
  • The Bank of America Merit Scholarships will be awarded each year to students in the UNCW Honors College.
  • William Joseph Boney Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a UNCW student who graduated from a North Carolina high school. The scholarship is merit based and is intended to assist, recruit, and retain academically strong students who also demonstrate leadership potential. Financial need may be a secondary consideration.
  • Carl and Janice Brown Merit Scholarships are awarded to recruit and retain academically strong Honors students in the College of Arts and Sciences. This award typically requires an interview.
  • The Emmett and Gladys Corbett Scholarships are intended to be merit scholarships to recruit and retain academically strong students. Recipients may be eligible to receive the award for four years based on satisfactory progress.
  • The Friends of UNCW Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship awarded to an in-state freshman Honors student. The recipient must meet the criteria for entering into the Honors College, and must remain an Honors student in good standing to be eligible for renewal. The scholarship is renewable for four years if the recipient continues to meet Honors program requirements. This award typically requires an interview.
  • The George Henry Hutaff Honors Scholarship Fund is intended to provide scholarships for students enrolled in the Honors College.
  • Intracoastal Realty Corporation Scholarship is awarded on the basis of merit, financial need and the student must be a resident of New Hanover County. If a New Hanover County resident does not meet the criteria, other students will be considered.
  • Jefferies and Faris Associates Merit Scholarship is intended to provide a tuition and fees scholarship to an undergraduate UNCW honors student.
  • The Devereux H. Lippitt Scholarship is awarded annually to a North Carolina student based on academic achievement. This scholarship is intended to cover the in-state cost of tuition and fees and is given in memory of Devereux Haigh Lippitt by his family. This scholarship may be renewed.
  • The Lucile Murchison Marvin Scholarship is awarded each year to a student in the Honors College who demonstrates scholarship ability and financial need. This scholarship may be renewed. 
  • The Dr. Robert A. Moore, Jr. Merit Scholarship is to assist in attracting academically gifted students. The scholarship is administered by the Honors College.
  • The Edward and Pauline Nessleroade Merit Scholarship is available to an entering or continuing student with preference given to students who have a physical disability, exhibit academic excellence and demonstrate financial need. A continuing student must be in good standing in Honors and making satisfactory progress toward a degree.
  • The Porta-Nails, Inc. Scholarship is a merit scholarship for a student majoring in any four-year degree. Recipients shall be limited to Wilmington, NC residents of at least ten (10) years. The award is limited to one academic year. The selection will be made by the director of the Honors College.
  • The Rotary Club of Wilmington Scholarship is a $1,800 scholarship available to a graduate of a North Carolina high school, who has demonstrated academic merit and has shown leadership skills and possesses good character. The recipient shall be nominated by the Honors College. Preference will be given to the student with the highest demonstrated financial need.
  • The Wilmington East Rotary Club Scholarship is a merit scholarship for an incoming Honors College freshman who has graduated from an accredited high school in New Hanover County or a New Hanover County student who has attained a high school equivalency grade. This scholarship is not renewable.
  • The Wilmington West Rotary Club Scholarship is intended to attract and retain academically strong students and is awarded to a student from southeastern North Carolina based on academic achievement. The student may be considered for renewal based on good standing in Honors.
  • The Sunrise Homes, Inc. Scholarship is intended to provide undergraduate academic scholarships for students who enroll in the Honors College. First preference in awarding the scholarship will be given to a high school student from New Hanover, Pender, Columbus, or Brunswick Counties in North Carolina or Horry County, South Carolina. The acceptance of the scholarship is conditional on the student's promise to contribute to the scholarship fund after graduation.
  • Robert O. Walton, Jr. Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship for members in good standing of the UNCW Honors College. The scholarship may be renewable based on satisfactory performance. Apply to the director of the Honors College.
  • The Donald R. Watson Merit Scholarship is restricted to UNCW students who graduated from a North Carolina high school. Recipients are selected on the basis of leadership potential and academic achievement. The award will be for one year; however, the student may reapply contingent on academic performance. The award is based on merit. This scholarship requires an interview.
  • The Wilmington Woman's Club Award is awarded to a New Hanover County high school graduate who demonstrates academic achievement and financial need.
  • Elizabeth "Betsy" Ervin Women's Resource Center Scholarship was created in honor of the founder of the Women's Resource Center. This merit scholarship is awarded to a continuing student with a minor in women's studies. Preference is given to students in the Honors College.
  • Erleen Burbage Alexander Honors Scholarship Endowment was established by C. Edward Alexander in memory of his mother. Recipients must be enrolled in the Honors College. Selection is based on demonstrated academic ability and financial need.
  • Henry Alexander Martindale Merit Scholarship Endowment was created with a gift from the estate of Harriet Hunter Johnson in memory of her grandfather. This is a merit scholarship. Students applying to the Honors College as freshmen or continuing in honors in good standing are eligible for consideration.
  • The Lenwood (Bo) S. Dean Jr. Honors Scholarship Endowment was created to honor Bo Dean for his selfless dedication, spirit and relentless giving to the students he nurtures. It is awarded to an incoming freshman who is a North Carolina resident, and who has been accepted into the Honors College.
  • Ada Zola King Dean Honors in Nursing Scholarship was created by friends and family of Ms. Dean. It is available to students in the Honors College who have been accepted or plan to select a major with the School of Nursing. This merit scholarship is awarded at $1,000.
  • UNCW Merit Scholarships for Honors Scholars- unrestricted criteria.