Opening up the world through the

Honors College!

Members of the Honors College at UNCW are part of an intellectually and socially diverse group of engaged students, involved in every major and in all areas of university life.

The Honors College provides opportunities for undergraduates to enrich their academic curriculum in any major at UNCW, to develop a global perspective, to engage in faculty-mentored undergraduate research and creative scholarly activity, and to receive mentoring for national scholarship and fellowship applications.

This is a college with resources and opportunities for engaged learners.

Honors has given me a chance to connect with faculty, staff, and students in a positive and enriching way. As a North Carolina Teaching Fellow, this has complemented my course of study- Brittney Knotts, '12


"The UNCW Honors Scholars Program is one of the main reasons I chose to attend UNCW, and it has played a major part in where I am today," Dr. Sarah Milliken, '03